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Rath Yatra-Chariot Festival

Rath Yatra: A Sacred Chariot Festival Celebrating Spirituality, Culture, and Unity

The ancient Hindu festival of Rath Yatra, which is observed with incredible passion and devotion, is of extreme significance to Indian culture and spirituality. The majestic procession of Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra, and brothers Balabhadra in beautifully decorated chariots is a highlight of this colourful event. Rath Yatra continues to enthral millions of people…

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National Festivals of India

National Festivals of India, Significance & Celebration

India has several important days of historic importance and is collectively known as national festivals. The national festivals of India stand as pillars of national pride. These festivals hold profound significance in the hearts of every Indian who holds the spirit of freedom, democracy, and non-violence. In the Indian Festival list, we will find the National…

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20 Best 1st Prize Themes for Rangoli Competition 2024

Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form and a colourful way of expressing creativity. From auspicious occasions to festive celebrations, Rangoli competitions add excitement and challenge to this ancient art, pushing participants to think beyond traditional designs. If you’re organizing or participating in a Rangoli competition and looking for the best and unique themes, here…

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