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Street Food in Varanasi

Varanasi a famous city in the north India of Uttar Pradesh is known for its various importance. A religious city, a cultural city, and many more. Since its geographical location is in the Purvanchal region in Uttar Pradesh in North India, the food culture is according to local accomplishment.


Varanasi is famous for many things. Kashi Viswanath Temple. BHU (Banaras Hindu University), Ganga Ghat, Famous forts, famous temples, and many more. You cannot forget about the famous food of Varanasi. Here we are going to talk about the famous food of Varanasi.

Famous Street Food in Varanasi

  1. Kachori Sabji
  2. Chhena Dahi Vada
  3. Bati Chhokha or Litti Chhokha
  4. Choora Matar
  5. Dahi Chatan Golgappe
  6. Tamatar Chat
  7. Banarasi Thandai or Lassi
  8. Banarasi Paan

Kachori Sabji

A breakfast, you can find on the street of Varanasi. If you visit Varanasi you should test the flavour of Varanasi food culture. The People of Varanasi prefer Kachori Sabji as breakfast in the morning.

Choora Matar

Choor Matar is just like snacks served with hot tea. This street food is a Varanasi version of the Maharashtrian Poha and Poha Chiwda in Bihar. Green peas, raisins, and saffron cooked with spices soaked in chapter rice soaked in desi ghee, Choora Matar Varanasi have breakfast and dinner time in the evening.

Baati Chokha or Litti Chhokha

Baati Chokha, a favourite delicacy of Bihar and the Purvanchal Region in Uttar Pradesh, also makes a delicious street snack in Varanasi. Stuffed whole wheat flour balls are filled with roasted lamb pulses and spices. These stuff balls are known as little and are roasted on top of the charcoal.

Baati Chokha is famous for its own flavour. Not only in North India but Bati Chokha has created its own identity across the world.

Malay – Famous Sweet of Banaras

Makhan Malaiyyo or Nimish is a popular winter street sweet in Varanasi.  Influenced by Persian cuisine, Malaya is also made by gently churning milk to create a creamy texture.

Banarasi Thandai or Lassi

Varanasi has more fairs in milk and yoghurt production and thus these items are found to be used extensively in most of the preparations in the city. Banarasi Thandai is famous all over India for its fresh taste and sense of celebration.

Banarasi Paan

If you are planning to visit Banaras, but still have not tasted the Banarasi Paan, I ask you to task the famous Banarasi Paan. Since the Banarasi Paan is famous for its own flavour, a song in Bollywood film is also written in the film.

talking about the geographical location of Varanasi, it is located in north India, thus the food culture in Varanasi is according to the season and temperature. In the summer season, the temperature is high. Thus Banarasi Thandai or Lassi is the best choice for every Banarasi.

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