Indian Festivals in April 2023 | April Festivals of India List

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The upcoming Indian festivals in April are religious festivals, cultural festivals, and harvest festivals. You can also find the birthday of some legendary personalities in India.

Indian Festivals in April
Indian Festivals in April

April Festivals of India List

The list of Indian Festivals in April is given below. You can find the Indian festival name along with the date and day

Good Friday – April 15, 2022- Friday

Easter – April 16, April 17, 2022 – Sunday

Chaitra Navratri – April 2, 2022 – Saturday

Gudi Padwa – April 2, 2022 – Saturday

Ugadi – April 2, 2022 – Saturday

Yamuna Chhath – April 7, 2022 – Thursday

Rama Navami – April 10, 2022 – Sunday

Swaminarayan Jayanti – April 10, 2022 – Sunday

Baisakhi – April 14, 2022 – Thursday

Ambedkar Jayanti – April 14, 2022 – Thursday

Mahavir Swami Jayanti – April 14, 2022 – Thursday

Hanuman Jayanti – April 16, 2022 – Saturday

Earth Day – April 22, 2022 – Friday

Jamat Ul-Vida – April 29, 2022 – Friday

Easter: A Christian Festival

Easer is one of the Christian festivals celebrated in the month of April. Easter rabbits, as well as Easter eggs, are the primary destination of the festival. The festival is mainly celebrated in the states of Goa, Kerala, and also Andhra Pradesh.

Mahavir Jayanti: A Jain Festival

Mahavir Jayanti is one of the most important Jain festivals celebrated in the month of April. It is the most considerable festival of Jains. Gujarat holds the greatest reasonable throughout the festival. Moreover Vaishali, in Bihar being the birthplace of Lord Mahavir celebrates the festival with grandiosity.

Ugadi Festival: A South Indian Festival

Ugadi is one of the Important South Indian Festivals celebrated in the month of April. Ugadi is the New Year celebration in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. The festival is observed on the first day of the Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar. The day is also observed as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The festival is also celebrated as Yugadi in Karnataka. Know more about Ugadi Festival Celebration. Visit here:- Ugadi Festival Celebration

Baisakhi: A North Indian Festival

Baisakhi is one of the important North Indian festivals celebrated in the month of April. Baisakhi is a Harvest Festival in Punjab and a commemoration of the founding of the Khalsa. Baisakhi is celebrated with a great deal of feasting, dancing, folk music, and fairs. A carnival atmosphere prevails in the area surrounding the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Ram Navami: Birthday of Lord Ram

Ram Navami is also one of the important Indian Hindu festivals celebrated in the month of March or April as per the Hindu calendar. The festival of Ram Navami marks the birthday of Lord Rama. It’s celebrated in a religious manner all over India. Many places in North India host fairs in connection with the festival, culminating in spectacular fireworks on Rama Navami. Sacred places associated with Rama, like Ayodhya, Ujjain, and Rameshwaram, draw tens of thousands of devotees.

Thrissur Pooram: A Temple Festival

Thrissur Pooram is also one of the important South Indian Festivals celebrated in the month of April. It is the biggest and most colorful temple festival celebrated in Kerala. It is celebrated in the Vadakkumnathan temple in the Thrissur district. The festival is famous for its unique decorated elephant procession (Kudamattom), which involves the participation of elephants from various temples across Kerala. 

Apart from this splendid procession, other attractions of the Thrissur Pooram festival include a spectacular display of colorful fireworks, parasol exchanges, an umbrella showing competition, and drum concerts. Lasting for 36 hours, the festival draws the largest crowds in Kerala, fascinating locals and tourists in the region.

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