Essay on Diwali Celebration | Diwali Festival Essay

Essay on Diwali Celebration

Festivals always bring joy, peace, and prosperity to our lives. There are many festivals in our country and in other parts of the world. Each festival has its own importance history and celebration style. One of the festivals is Diwali. As we approach Diwali certainly it brings excitement to our faces. Children become excited to have new clothes, burst crackers sweets, and family celebrations. Professionals become excited to have promotions or bonuses in their offices. Industrialists and merchants are excited to maximize their sales during festivals and make good profits. Old-age persons are excited to have their family and children together at home. Poor are excited to get some gifts and new clothes during the festival.  Therefore we can say that Diwali is really exciting for everyone.


Deepawali is the main festival of Hindus. This festival is celebrated with enthusiasm all over India and other parts of the world. On the day of Diwali, lots of decorations are done in homes, shops, offices, and other places. There is a lot of movement in the markets.

Significance of Diwali Celebration

The festival of Diwali signifies the victory of truth over evil and the victory of light over darkness. Not only is it a symbol of religious faith but it also has social, spiritual methodological historical, and economic importance. This festival is also known as the Festival of Light since this festival is closely interlinked with lights and lamps.

Cultural Significance of Diwali

On the day of the Diwali festival, we perform rituals with our traditional earthen pots and lamps. The use of earthen or clay product not only give importance to earthen product manufacturers called Kumhaar but also maintain the eco-friendly festival celebration

During festival celebrations, we used to wear traditional dresses. Women and girls wear sarees and lehenga while men and boys wear traditional Indian Kurta.

Family Importance

As Diwali comes closer, a family member living apart from a home returns to celebrate the Diwali festival with family members. Not only does this festival maintain the relationship between family members but also enriches love and affection. The family members sit together to perform Diwali rituals. The happiness and joy can be easily seen on every face of the family.

Diwali Festival & Business

Festivals also bring the business season to India. As we approach festivals. Business professionals start preparation for demand and supply during festivals. Manufacturers increase their product level. Marketers make strategies for optimum sales. Transporters maintain their vehicles for the supply chain. Almost 70 per cent of total business in a year is done during festival season.

Preparation for the Diwali Festival

Diwali preparation starts with cleaning. Home, offices, or shops everywhere the cleaning process starts almost one month before the actual date of Diwali.

Diwali Shopping

As Diwali comes closer market is decorated with electric lights such as LED, earthen products shops, firecrackers shops, and sweets shops in the markets. People used to perch new traditional clothes, crackers, and many other puja materials for the festival. Rangoli making material

Diwali Decorations

People used to decorate their homes and buildings with colourful LED lights almost one month before. On the day of Diwali, the come home is cleaned. Children some women make beautiful Rangoli in front of the main gate door of their homes. In offices, a Rangoli is made on the door. Some people used to stick photographs of the goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh or some quotations from written photos.

Diwali Puja and Rituals

A plate for the Diwali puja ritual is arranged to have puja material. An idol of the goddess Lakshmi is placed in the home or in public places.  Diwali songs are played the whole day. The excitement can be easily realized on the face of everyone, especially children.

Diwali Celebration

Different Ways of Diwali Celebration

  • By helping poor
  • Bursting cracker
  • Lightening traditional earthen lamp
  • Organizing dance and cultural program
  • Organizing prayers and distributing sweets

Diwali Celebration in India

  • Diwali celebration with family
  • Diwali celebration at the workplace
  • Diwali celebration in a rural area
  • Diwali celebration in an urban area
  • Diwali celebration in the temple

Traditional Dresses on Diwali

Idols are places in public places or in the home. People dress up in traditional dresses. Women and girls wear a saree and Lehenga, while boys and men wear, traditional Kurta. On the eve of Diwali traditional puja of goddess Lakshmi and lord Ganesh is performed. Sweets are distributed. The business person helps the poor and their employees with gifts. Buildings are decorated with colourful LED lights and earthen lamps. We can hear the loud crackers and songs in our surroundings.

Diwali Celebration Spots in India

  • Ayodhya
  • Buddha temple
  • Jain temple
  • Shri ram temple
  • Business shops and Offices
  • With family

Precautions and Safety Measure

Diwali is a festival of crackers and lights. Thus some causality does occur during the Diwali celebration. To minimize this causality governments, administrations, medical departments, and fire services play a significant role each year. This is a festival. Everyone wishes to celebrate the festival with family and colleagues, but these people perform their duty to minimize casualties.


The shops for sweets and firecrackers are much decorated. There is a lot of selling of dishes, sweets bombs, sparklers, and other firecrackers. We have to understand that the festival of Deepawali means lamp, love, and prosperity, not the pollution of firecrackers and waste that is why these small works done by us at the festival of Deepawali Can bring big changes.

This festival always keeps us motivated to move forward. This festival teaches us to never be afraid of the darkness because even the flame of a small lamp can turn dark darkness into light, so we should be optimistic in our lives at all times. The festival of Diwali is a symbol of cultural and social harmony. Diwali brings happiness to everyone’s life.