Varanasi Religious Tourism: 10 Reasons To Make Your Kashi Tour

Varanasi - A Religious City

Varanasi is one of the famous Religious places in India. The river Ganges passes through Varanasi. There are multiple reasons for tourists visiting Kashi Nawaday. It has been recorded that in the last 5 years, the number of tourists has grown every year. Varanasi is becoming the best tourist place in India. What is Kashi or Varanasi famous for? We are here to let you know the 10 reasons to make your plan for the Varanasi tour.

Religious Place in India

Kashi has been a major centre of the Hindu and Buddhist faith. Hindu Sanskrit and tradition can be easily seen here. The Ganges Ghats of Kashi present a unique glimpse of Hindu customs and Indian culture.

Cultural City

Varanasi is also famous for its unique arts and culture. The combination of archaeology, mythology, geography, and art has made Varanasi a great centre of Indian culture. Although Varanasi is mainly associated with Hinduism and Buddhism.

The air of Lord Shiva is in the air here. Devotees of Bholenath will be found chanting in every street and every locality. People greet with Namaste in the rest of the country, in Banaras they greet by saying Jai Bholenath. the festivals of Varanasi are unique. Masan ki Holi is iconic. The famous Ganga Aarti is the main tourist attraction on Dashaswamedh Ghat. Also Read: Cultural Diversity of India

Educational Hub

Varanasi is the main educational hub of the Purvanchal religion (East Uttar Pradesh). The Kashi Hindu Viswavidhyalaya ( Also Known as Banaras Hindu University) is world-famous and students across the world come here to complete their education. The peaceful environment and greenery of BHU are one of the main reasons for student’s first choice. The beautiful campus of BHU always feels fresh and nature-loving.

Kashi -The City of Temples

Varanasi is the city of those who believe in Sanatan Dharma and is recognized as the city of temples. There are an estimated 23000 temples in Varanasi. The city receives over 1 million pilgrims every year. There are some famous temples in Varanasi. Kashi Vishwanath and Sankat Mochan Temple are some examples of Kashi Temple. Know more: Famous Temple in Varanasi

Best Place for Spiritual Practices

Varanasi is the best place for Spiritual Practices. Sadhus and ascetics consider Kashi to be the most appropriate place for their spiritual practice. Sadhus and Ascetics start their journey of sannyasa from Kashi. They do their spiritual practice on the banks of the Ganges and make their ascetic life a character.

Varanasi: City of Lord Shiva

Kashi is the city of Lord Shiva. It is also mentioned in Hindu religious texts. The famous Kashi Vishvanath Temple is the centre of Tourist attraction. According to mythology, the city of Kashi was established by Lord Shankar himself 5000 years ago. This city of Kashi situated on the Trishul of Lord Shiva is also known as Avimukt Kshetra. Here, death comes by luck.

Famous Ganga Aarti

Varanasi is famous for its Ghats. The Ganga Ghats of Varanasi present a unique glimpse of Hindu customs and Indian culture. Ganga Aarti at Dashaswamedh Ghat fascinates the people. Whether it is Manikarnika Ghat or Harishchand Ghat, 24 pyres keep burning here. After coming here you will start realizing the reality of life. Know more: Ghats in Varanasi

One Of The 12 Jyotirlingas

Kashi is also known for having one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. After Prajapati Daksha neglected Shiva, the main one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva is established here in Varanasi or Banaras.

Ramcharit Manas is Composed in Kashi

Ramcharit Manas is one of the famous Hindu Holy Books. This book is composed by Goswami Tulsidas ji sitting at Ganga Ghat in Varanasi. Today this Ghat is known as Tulsi Ghat. Even today his stand is kept there.

Sarnath: The Place of Lord Buddha

Varanasi is also known for its Buddhist faith. Varanasi was the capital of the Kashi kingdom during the time of the Buddha (6th century BCE), who delivered his first sermon at Sarnath. Today itself the place reminds us of the Buddhist faith and their teachings in Sarnath. The places attract all those who want to explore Buddhist culture and lord buddha’s teachings.

Ramkali Mohalla by Guru Nanak Dev

Sikh Guru also wrote his bell from Banaras. Guru Nanak Dev had come to Banaras on the occasion of Shivratri and his visit played an important role in the establishment of Sikhism. Here in Banaras, Guru Nanak recited Ramkali Mohalla 1 Dakhini Omkar to Pandit Chaturdas for the first time.


Varanasi has multiple reasons for tourists to visit. The city displays a clear picture of Indian culture, rituals and religious faith. To see the beauty of Indian culture especially Hinduism, Varanasi has become the best tourist place in India in recent years. The government of India also working on various development programs to reshape Kashi in its original state. Now the Kashi is welcoming and inviting all tourists with both hands. If you love to explore Indian culture and tradition, Varanasi is the best Religious place to explore more and more.