List of Themes and Logo Meaning | International Yoga Day

list of themes of international yoga day

The World has celebrated International Day of Yoga on June 21st every year since 2015. Each year a different theme is selected for the International Yoga Day celebration. We are here to know about all Yoga Day themes and Logo meaning. You can find the list of themes here.

The List of Themes of International Yoga Day

The Theme of Yoga Day
Year The Theme of Yoga Day
2023 Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
2022 Yoga for Humanity
2021 Yoga for Well-being
2020 Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family
2019 Yoga for Heart
2018 Yoga for Peace
2017 Yoga for Health
2016 Yoga for the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
2015 Yoga for Harmony and Peace

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International Yoga Day Logo Meaning:

The logo reflects harmony and peace for humanity, which is the essence of Yoga. The International Yoga Day logo is completely defined and has some meaning.

Logo Meaning International Yoga Day
Logo Meaning International Yoga Day

Joining Hands- Union

The logo is etched on a white background representing a pair of hands stretched outwards from the body and joined together. Folding of both hands in the logo Symbolise Yoga, the union, which reflects the union of individual consciousness with that of universal consciousness, a perfect harmony between mind & body, man & nature; a holistic approach to health & well-being.

Orange Halo- Fire Element

Brightness symbolizes the Fire element and the Sun symbolizes the source of energy and inspiration.

Globe- Oneness

Behind the human figure, a picture of the globe can be seen which symbolizes solidarity and oneness, which is one of the main principles of the Narendra Modi government.

Green & Brown Leaves- Nature & Earth

Below the human art form, there are 2 pairs of brown and green leaves, symbolizing the elements of earth and nature. The green leaves symbolize Nature. The brown leaves symbolize the Earth element,

Blue Human Art- Water in Body

Blue Human arts symbolize the Water element.

Below the logo the words “Yoga for harmony and peace “are inscribed which is believed to be the essence of Yoga.

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