10 Lines on Independence Day in English for Class 3,4,5

Independence Day essay

10 Lines on Independence Day: Independence Day celebration is one of the important festivals celebrated in schools. Essay writing on Independence Day or 15 August is a common topic given in school. 

Children are much excited during the independence day celebration. Creating awareness of essay writing on independence day is one of the key points to teach children. Students can easily learn during the independence day celebration. Here are beautiful lines written on Indian Independence Day. These short lines help children to learn new words on Independence Day and boost their knowledge. As per the difficulty level, there are 5 sets of 10-line essays on Independence Day in English.

Set 1:- 10 Lines Essay on Independence Day

  1. Independence Day is the national festival of India
  2. People celebrate this Day on 15 August every year
  3. On this day, India got freedom from British rule in 1947.
  4. Independence Day reminds us of the contribution of our freedom fighters.
  5. Our freedom fighter sacrificed their life to get free India from British rule
  6. To honor our freedom fighter
  7. Various cultural programs are held in schools and institutions to celebrate this day.
  8. The Prime minister of India delivers a speech to the nation from Red Fort every year.
  9. The red fort in Delhi is the main attraction on Independence Day every year
  10. Red Fort has great importance on the day of India’s independence.

Set 2:- 10 Lines Essay On Indian Independence Day

  1. Indian Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August every year.
  2. We hold the national flag of India in our hands-on 15 August.
  3. On 15 August 1947, India got independence from British rule.
  4. We sing the national song and national anthem on Independence Day
  5. We get up early in the morning and dress in tricolor to celebrate Indian independence
  6. We decorate our school with a tricolor flag and balloons.
  7. Our teacher teaches about the sacrifice and contribution of our freedom fighter
  8. On this day every year, we pay homage to all great leaders and freedom fighters
  9. Our prime minister hoists the national flag and delivers his speech at the red fort Delhi
  10. A nationwide holiday is observed on Indian Independence Day every year
  11. Schools, offices, and other organizations celebrate this day with dance programs and competitions
  12. On the first Independence Day, our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the tricolor national flag at the red fort, Delhi

Set 3:- 10 Lines on Independence Day | Independence Day Essay

  1. 15 August is celebrated as the Independence Day of India.
  2. Schools, colleges, and all organizations hoist the national flag of India to celebrate this occasion.
  3. This day reminds us of the contribution and sacrifice of our freedom fighters for the nation.
  4. On this day, we prepare a speech to deliver after flag hoisting.
  5. The president delivers his speech to address the nation on the same day.
  6. Kite flying is yet another enjoyable part of the celebration.
  7. The national flag is hoisted in all schools and public places.
  8. People distribute sweets as a mark of happiness on Independence Day.
  9. Indian Independence Day teaches us patriotism and unity in diversity.
  10. we love to celebrate this special day in our school.

Indian Independence Day is celebrated as the National Festival of India. Students and children take part in Independence Day celebrations in schools and colleges. They learn about our freedom fighter’s struggle and contribution by essay writing and preparing speeches for this occasion. We have collected some beautiful lines with knowledge and rich words for children. But it is advised to write a few lines on Indian Independence Day by their own efforts. This will help to enhance their creativity and thinking levels.

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