List of Ghats in Varanasi You Must Know About

Millions of devoted pilgrims and tourists alike retain a special place in their hearts for Varanasi, the spiritual center of India. This historic city, which is tucked away along the banks of the mighty Ganges River, is renowned for its spiritual attraction, historic temples, and flourishing cultural heritage. The ghats of Varanasi, however, are what really capture people’s attention. These ghats, a series of terraced embankments that lead to the river, are not only physical structures but also holy places where ceremonies, rituals, and everyday life coexist. The mesmerizing list of Varanasi’s ghats, each with its own unique character and significance, will be explored in this article. By doing so, we hope to provide readers with a glimpse into the rich fabric of customs, spirituality, and history that permeates the city. 

List of All Ghats in Varanasi

Here is the list of Ghats in Varanasi.

List of Ghats in Varanasi
S.N. Varanasi Ghat Name S.N. Varanasi Ghat Name
1 Adi Keshava Ghat 45 Mata Anandamai Ghat
2 Ahilya Ghat 46 Meer Ghat
3 Ahilyabai Ghat 47 Mehta Ghat
4 Assi Ghat 48 Munshi Ghat
5 Badri Nayarana Ghat 49 Namo Ghat
6 Bajirao Ghat 50 Nandesavara Ghat
7 Bauli /Umaraogiri / Amroha Ghat 51 Narada Ghat
8 Bhadaini Ghat 52 Naya Ghat
9 Bhonsale Ghat 53 Nepali Ghat
10 Brahma Ghat 54 Niranjani Ghat
11 Bundi Parakota Ghat 55 Nishad Ghat
12 Chowki Ghat 56 Old Hanuman Ghat
13 Chausatthi Ghat 57 Pancaganga Ghat
14 Cheta Singh Ghat 58 Panchkota
15 Dandi Ghat 59 Pandey Ghat
16 Darbhanga Ghat 60 Phuta Ghat
17 Dashashwamedh Ghat 61 Prabhu Ghat
18 Digpatia Ghat 62 Prahalada Ghat
19 Durga Ghat 63 Prayaga Ghat
20 Gaay Ghat 64 Raj Ghat built by Peshwa Amrutrao
21 Ganga Mahal Ghat (I) 65 Raja Ghat / Lord Duffrin bridge / Malaviya Bridge
22 Ganga Mahal Ghat (II) 66 Raja Gwalior Ghat
23 Ganesha Ghat 67 Rajendra Prasad Ghat
24 Gola Ghat 68 Ram Ghat
25 Gularia Ghat 69 Rana Mahala Ghat
26 Hanuman Ghat 70 Rewan Ghat
27 Hanumanagardhi Ghat 71 Sakka Ghat
28 Harish Chandra Ghat 72 Sankatha Ghat
29 Jain Ghat 73 Sarvesvara Ghat
30 Jalasayi Ghat 74 Scindia Ghat
31 Janaki Ghat 75 Shitala Ghat
32 Jatara Ghat 76 Shivala Ghat
33 Karnataka State Ghat 77 Sitala Ghat
34 Kedar Ghat 78 Somesvara Ghat
35 Khirkia Ghat 79 Telianala Ghat
36 Khori Ghat 80 Trilochana Ghat
37 Lala Ghat 81 Tripura Bhairavi Ghat
38 Lali Ghat 82 Tulsi Ghat
39 Lalita Ghat 83 Vaccharaja Ghat
40 Mahanirvani Ghat 84 Venimadhava Ghat
41 Mana Mandira Ghat 85 Vijayanagaram Ghat
42 Mansarovar Ghat 86  
43 Mangala Gauri Ghat 87  
44 Manikarnika Ghat 88  

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