10 Lines Essay on Pollution in English for Class 3,4,5

10 lines on pollution

Essay writing on pollution is a common topic to create awareness. 10 lines essays on pollution for class 3, class 4, and class 5 students are easy topics they can write. If you are searching for the pollution essay in English, you can find a different set from here.

As per the difficulty level, there are 5 sets of 10-line essays on pollution in English. These sentences are written to teach new and easy words related to pollution and its harmful effects.  The short lines on pollution are easy to learn.

In these short essays on pollution, children will know the cause of pollution, its harmful effects, and many more things. Checkout all 5 sets on the pollution essay here-

Set.1 Pollution Essay in English | Essay on Pollution

  1. Pollution means dirt
  2. Pollution is dangerous for human life.
  3. Pollution causes various diseases.
  4. There are three types of Pollution. Water pollution, Air pollution, noise pollution.
  5. Air pollution can be destroyed by planting more trees
  6. Dirt mixed with water is called water pollution
  7. Throwing garbage in the open causes pollution.
  8. Air pollution has increased due to the increase in the number of vehicles in the country.
  9. Air pollution can be stopped by planting trees because it gives us pure air
  10. Air pollution is caused by harmful gases and substances in the air.

Set.2 10 Lines Essay on Pollution | Pollution Essay

  1. To prevent air pollution, we should use fewer private vehicles
  2. To reduce pollution, we should avoid burning plastic, polythene, and garbage.
  3. Some toxic substances are found in the water such as industrial waste, and wastewater which is called water pollution.
  4. Noise pollution is caused by the horns of vehicles, the sound of machines, loudspeakers, an explosion of rocks, etc.
  5. Cancer, asthma, and other types of fatal diseases are caused by pollution. This is dangerous for everyone.
  6. The smoke from the burning of vehicles and agriculture, the waste contains carbon dioxide, and carbon-mono-oxide and CFCs which contaminate the air, causing air pollution, which is very dangerous for living beings.
  7.  Serious diseases like jaundice and typhoid are the main causes of water pollution, and many toxic chemicals going into the garbage river cause water pollution.

Set.3 Measures to Prevent Pollution | Essay on Pollution

  1. To stop the smoke coming out of the factory and the vehicle, such technology should be used which runs on electricity.
  2. Electrical technology that runs on electricity should be used in factories and vehicles to prevent smoke from coming out.
  3. It is necessary to ban loud playing instruments in order to prevent noise pollution.

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We have tried our best to write easy sentences on pollution for children. These sentences will add knowledge and teach new words. Hope you will like these sentences on pollution. Takes these easy sentences on pollution. 

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