Hartalika Teej 2023: A Women’s Festival Celebrating Love and Devotion

Hartalika Teej

Hartalika Teej is a joyous Hindu festival celebrated with great fervour by women in various parts of India. This auspicious occasion holds cultural and religious significance, primarily focusing on the themes of love, devotion, and marital bliss. Let’s delve into the traditions, rituals, and deeper meaning behind Hartalika Teej.

The Legends Behind Hartalika Teej

The Legend of Goddess Parvati

Hartalika Teej finds its roots in Hindu mythology, specifically the legend of Goddess Parvati. According to the myth, Parvati, deeply in love with Lord Shiva, was determined to marry him. However, her father had other plans and wanted her to marry Lord Vishnu. Distraught by her father’s decision, Parvati decided to leave her home and meditate in the forest, seeking Shiva’s blessings. She performed intense penance for years, eventually winning the favour of Lord Shiva, who agreed to marry her.

The Vow of Hartalika

The legend of Hartalika also recounts the story of a close friend of Goddess Parvati who helped her in her pursuit of marrying Lord Shiva. In order to ensure Parvati’s wish is fulfilled, her friend helps her escape from her father’s palace and disguises her as a hermit. This act of unwavering friendship and dedication is commemorated through the Hartalika Teej festival.

Rituals and Celebrations

Fasting and Penance

Hartalika Teej is marked by women observing a rigorous fast, refraining from food and water. The fast is observed with the belief that it will bring prosperity and well-being to their husbands and families. The fast is broken after performing the evening rituals and prayers.

Pujas and Offerings

Women dress up in vibrant traditional attire and offer prayers to Goddess Parvati, seeking her blessings for marital happiness and harmony. Elaborate puja ceremonies are conducted, with women adorning the goddess with flowers, vermillion, and other offerings.

Swings and Dance

A delightful aspect of the festival is the tradition of women swinging on beautifully decorated swings, symbolizing the playful interactions between Radha and Krishna. Songs and dances add to the festive atmosphere, making it a joyful celebration.

The Spiritual Significance

Symbolism of Devotion

Hartalika Teej serves as a reminder of Goddess Parvati’s unflinching devotion and her determination to attain her desired life partner. This devotion is mirrored in the devotion of married women who fast on this day, seeking similar blessings of love and companionship.

Empowerment and Togetherness

The festival also emphasizes the importance of strong friendships among women. The legend of Parvati’s friend, Hartalika, underlines the strength of women’s bonds and their ability to stand by each other in times of need.

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Hartalika Teej is more than just a traditional celebration; it is a representation of love, devotion, and the power of unity. The festival is a beautiful testament to the Hindu culture’s rich mythological heritage and the values it upholds. As women come together to celebrate this occasion, they not only honour the goddess but also strengthen the bonds that hold their families and friendships together.


What is the significance of fasting during Hartalika Teej?

Fasting is believed to bring marital happiness and prosperity to families. It symbolizes the devotion of women to their husbands.

Is Hartalika Teej celebrated only in India?

While it is primarily celebrated in India, its popularity has spread to various parts of the world where Hindu communities reside.

Can unmarried women participate in Hartalika Teej celebrations?

Unmarried women can participate in the festivities with the hope of finding a loving and devoted life partner, as symbolized by Goddess Parvati’s devotion to Lord Shiva.

How is Hartalika Teej different from other Teej festivals?

Hartalika Teej focuses on the legend of Parvati’s dedication and friendship, setting it apart from other Teej festivals that celebrate different aspects of married life.

Are there any special dishes associated with Hartalika Teej?

Sweets and traditional dishes are prepared for the occasion, but the fasting women abstain from consuming them until the rituals are complete.