How To Celebrate Holi; The Festival of Colors

How to Celebrate Holi

How To Celebrate Holi: This colorful festival brings so much fun and entertainment to our life. Happiness can be seen everywhere on this day.

Temples are beautifully decorated on this special occasion. The temple of Radha-Krishna becomes the junction of the Holi celebration. Devotees turn the swings singing devotional Holi songs.

The markets are full of colors and sweets. Farmers show their excitement in their fields and crops. Women do preparation for the Holi festival by cleaning their homes and surroundings. Children are very excited to celebrate the Holi festival by collecting coins and purchasing Pichkaari and Gulal on the day of the Holi festival.

In the evening, people visit friends and relatives and exchange gift greetings and sweets. This helps strengthen the relationship and increase the emotional bond among people.

Activities During Holi Celebration

Holi Celebration with Abeer and Gulal

Holi festival is celebrated with Abeer and Gulal. The bucket was filled with colorful water and Pichkaari. Playing with Gulal and water balloons enriches our excitement for Holi celebrations.

The excitement can be seen when we throw colors at each other. Special plans are made to color others. Everyone tries to be the first to color others. People love to drench others to color with Gulal and Water. Abeer, Gulal, Pichkari, and Watercolors are the main weapons in every hand.

Holi Events & Cultural Program

On the day of the Holi festival, special plans are made for the Holi celebration. Holi events and wear special traditional dresses and come with Abeer and Gulaal for Holi celebration. Nowadays, small play is organized to indicate the spirits of joy and happiness at this festival. We can hear traditional Jogira songs (Holi songs), play with dholak, and dance together. 

People Sing Traditional Holi Festival Songs

There are some popular Holi festival songs that are played to mark this festival celebration special. There are some popular Holi songs that everyone whispers and sings as we approach for Holi festival celebration.

Holi Festival Food & Dishes are Served

Holi festival is also famous for traditional Indian dishes. After playing with colors special dishes and padawan are served to spread love and affection. Celebration of the Holi festival without delicious sweets i.e. Gujhiya is incomplete. Gujhiya is a famous traditional dish specially made during the Holi festival. Gujhiya and other sweets are offered to everyone who comes across the color and joins the celebration. 

Holi Celebration at Workplace

Holi celebrations can be seen everywhere. Whether it is school, college or home, or workplace, people celebrate this beautiful festival of colors with their family and friends.

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