All 4 Navratri Date 2024 | Chaitra Navratri, Shardiya Navratri

Navratri Date 2023

All 4 Navratri Date 2024: Navratri, a religious Hindu festival, is celebrated four times throughout the year. Each celebration marks deep spiritual significance for all nine nights. Every Hindu family makes special preparations for Navratri puja and rituals in their home and they need to know the Navratri date. What is the date of all four Navratri in 2024? What is the date of Gupt Navratri in 2024? We are here to know about all 4 Navratri 2024 dates.

Four Navratri in a Year

Hindu festivals are generally based on the Hindu Calendar. All four Navratri Dates are according to the Hindu calendar. The name of all four Navratri is also based on the name of the Hindu month. Two of them are known as Gupta Navratri and are celebrated by religious people, saint auguries, and tantric. The other 2 Navratri are the most important and Hindus celebrate by performing religious activities, following spiritual practices, and performing rituals. Here is the name list of all 4 Navratri.

  • Magh Gupta Navratri
  • Chaitra Navratri
  • Ashadha Gupta Navratri
  • Shardiya Navratri

Magh Gupt Navratri 2024 Dates

Magha Gupta Navratri, signalling the onset of spring, invites devotees to embrace spiritual rejuvenation. The first Gupt Navratri is known as Magh Gupt Navratri. Magh is the eleventh month of the Hindu Calendar which comes in January or February. Here is the Magh Gupt Navratri Date 2024.

Magh Gupt Navratri Date 2024
S.N.Goddess NameDayDate
1st DayShailputriSaturday10 February
2nd DayBrahmchariniSunday11 February
3rd DayChandraghantaMonday12 February
4th DayKushmandaTuesday13 February
5th DaySkandamataWednesday14 February
6th DayKatyayaniThursday15 February
7th DayKalaratriFriday16 February
8th DayMahagouriSaturday17 February
9th DaySiddhidatriSunday18 February

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Chaitra Navratri 2024 Dates

Chaitra Navratri, heralding spring, ushers in renewal and reflection. Chaitra is the first month of the Hindu Calendar which comes in March or April. Chaitra Navratri is celebrated after the Holi Festival. Here are the Chaitra Navratri Date 2024.

Chaitra Navratri Date 2024
S.N.Goddess NameDayDate
1st DayShailputriTuesday9 April
2nd DayBrahmchariniWednesday10 April
3rd DayChandraghantaThursday11 April
4th DayKushmandaFriday12 April
5th DaySkandamataSaturday13 April
6th DayKatyayaniSunday14 April
7th DayKalaratriMonday15 April
8th DayMahagouriTuesday16 April
9th DaySiddhidatriWednesday17 April

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Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024 Dates

Ashadha Gupta Navratri, amidst the monsoon, emphasizes the abundance of nature. The second Gupt Navratri is known as Ashadha Gupt Navratri. Ashadha is the fourth month of the Hindu Calendar which comes in June or July. Checkout the list of Date of Ashadha Gupt Navratri 2024

Ashadha Gupt Navratri Date 2024
S.N.Goddess NameDayDate
1st DayShailputriSaturday6 July
2nd DayBrahmchariniSunday7 July
3rd DayChandraghantaMonday, Tuesday8 & 9 July
4th DayKushmandaWednesday10 July
5th DaySkandamataThursday11 July
6th DayKatyayaniFriday12 July
7th DayKalaratriSaturday13 July
8th DayMahagouriSunday14 July
9th DaySiddhidatriMonday15 July

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Shardiya Navratri 2024 Dates

Sharad Navratri, occurring in autumn, is a nine-night spectacle of dance, devotion, and divine worship. Among all four Navratri, Shardiya Navratri is the most popular also known as Mahanavratri. Shardiya Navratri is celebrated in September or October. The festival starts one month before the Diwali Festival. Check out the list of Shardiya Navratri dates in 2024.

Shardiya Navratri Date 2024
S.N.Goddess NameDayDate
1st DayShailputriThursday3 October
2nd DayBrahmchariniFriday4 October
3rd DayChandraghantaSaturday5 October
4th DayKushmandaSunday6 October
5th DaySkandamataMonday7 October
6th DayKatyayaniTuesday8 October
7th DayKalaratriWednesday9 October
8th DayMahagouriThursday10 October
9th DaySiddhidatriFriday11 October

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Navratri is one of the important religious festivals in India. This festival is mainly known for religious activities. During the nine days of Navratri, people make a special routine, worship different forms of the goddess Durga and become spiritual. Thus Navratri Dates are important to know in preparation for Puja.


All four Navratri dates hold immense significance in the hearts of Indians, offering a time of devotion, joy, and cultural expression. The celebrations unite communities, reminding people of the rich heritage and traditions that bind them together. As devotees join hands in prayer, dance, and reflection, Navratri becomes a timeless celebration that transcends seasons, fostering unity, cultural pride, and a profound connection with the divine feminine energy.


Q1: Why is Navratri celebrated four times a year?

A1: Navratri is celebrated in alignment with the changing seasons, symbolizing renewal and rejuvenation.

Q2: What is the main ritual of Navratri?

A2: The main ritual involves the worship of the divine feminine energy in various forms of the Goddess.

Q3: How does Navratri promote unity?

A3: Navratri brings people from diverse backgrounds together in celebrations that transcend cultural and religious differences.

Q4: Are Navratri celebrations the same across all states?

A4: No, Navratri celebrations vary in different states, with each region adding its cultural elements.

Q5: How has Navratri adapted to modern times?

A5: Navratri celebrations now include virtual events and online competitions, reaching a wider audience.

Q6: How many Navratri in a Year?

A6: There are four Navratri celebrated in a Year.