Kanya Pujan: Do Not Do This Work While Worshiping a Girl in Navratri

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On the Ashtami and Navami Tithi of Navratri, Kanya Puja is performed in homes and temples. After Navratri, Kanya Puja is considered to be of special importance. There is a provision to worship Maa Mahagauri and Siddhidatri on the Ashtami and Navami dates of Navratri. On these dates, girls are invited to their homes and food is given to them, other things are donated.

Ashtami Kanya Pujan

Ashtami Kanya Pujan

On the other hand, Ashtami has special significance in Durga Puja in Bengal, Odisha, Tripura, and Manipur. The nine powers of Durga are invoked in the pandals on this day. 

We are going to tell you what things we should keep in mind during Kanya Puja in Navratri and how Kanya Puja is done.

How to worship Kanya on the day of Ashtami?

On the day of Kanya Pujan, take bath early in the morning and worship Lord Ganesha and Mahagauri.

Invite nine girls and one boy from two years to 10 years for Kanya Puja. Let us tell you that the child is worshiped as Batuk Bhairav. It is believed that Lord Shiva has deployed Batuk Bhairav ​​in every Shakti Peeth to serve the mother. It is said that if Bhairav ​​is not seen after seeing the mother in a Shakti Peeth, then the darshan is considered incomplete.

The number of girls should be at least seven or nine. If the girls are fewer, then two girls can also be fed food.

Keep in mind that before the worship of the girl, cleanliness should be done in the house. Virgo mothers should be called only in a clean environment.

Girls are considered to be the form of the Mother Queen. In such a situation, when she comes to her house, cheer for Mata Rani.

Give all the girls a seat to sit.

Then wash the feet of all the girls.

Now vaccinate them with Roli, Kumkum, and Akshat.

After this tie Molly in his hand.

– Now show the lamp of ghee to all the girls and children and perform their aarti.

After the aarti, offer all the girls as much as possible. Usually, on the day of Kanya Pujan, girls are given Puri, Chana, and Halwa to eat.

– After the meal, give gifts and gifts to the girls as much as possible.

After this, touch the feet of the girls and send them off.

According to religious texts, from two-year-old girls to ten-year-old girls, Kumari is suitable for worship. One year old girl should not be included in Kumari Puja. Girls aged 2 to 10 years represent different forms of Durga. The names of these holy forms are as follows-

Kumarika, Trimurti, Kalyani, Rohini, Kali, Chandika, Shambhavi, Durga, Bhadra or Subhadra

Keep these things in mind

According to religious texts, each girl is worshiped with a certain dedicated mantra at the time of Kumari Puja. A suitable girl for Kumari Puja should be healthy and free from all kinds of diseases and physical defects. It is believed that Brahmin girls should be worshiped to fulfill all kinds of desires. Kshatriya girls should be worshiped for wealth and fame and Vaishya girls for wealth and prosperity. The worship of Shudra girls has been suggested for those who have a desire to have a son.

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