Ugadi Festival 2024: Belief, Significance & Celebration

Ugadi Festival

Ugadi is one of the South Indian festivals celebrated in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. The festival is based on Hindu belief and is considered a Hindu festival in South India. 

Ugadi Meaning

Ugadi or Yugadi word is derived from yuga (age) and adi (beginning of a new age). It falls on the first day of the lunisolar month. 

Ugadi Festival Significance

Ugadi is a Hindu Festival celebrated in South India. The reason behind the Ugadi festival celebration is based on Hindu Believe. According to belief, Lord Brahma-A Hindu God created the universe on this day and thus is considered one of the auspicious days of the year. 

Ugadi Festival: New Year Celebration

Ugadi is the New Year celebration in Andhra Telangana and Karnataka. The festival is observed on the first day of the Chaitra month as per the Hindu calendar and typically falls in the month of March or April as in the Gregorian calendar.

Ugadi Festival on Ram Navami

It also marks the commemoration of Chaitra Navratri, which leads up to Ram Navami, Lord Rama’s birthday, which is celebrated on Mahanavami (the Ninth day of Navratri).

Ugadi Preparation

The preparation for the Ugadi festival begins a week ago. Houses are thoroughly cleaned.  People buy traditional clothes like Dhoti and buy new items. Rangoli is made at every home. People decorate their houses with Mango Leaves.

Ugadi Celebration

Ugadi is celebrated with full joy and excitement. People buy new clothes, give food or clothes to the poor, have special oil baths, prepare delicacies like Ugadi Pachadi, and visit temples. 

Ugadi festival is celebrated with different names in different states. Maharashtra celebrates this festival as Gudi Padwa. The festival is also celebrated as Yugadi in Karnataka. You can see a glimpse of South Indian Culture at this festival.

People Consume Neem Leaves on Ugadi Festival

After offering prayers on this day, people consume neem leaves. In some places, devotees even prepare a paste of neem leaves mixed with coriander seeds, tamarind, and jaggery. 

As per beliefs, consuming the neem purifies our flood and increases our immunity to fight diseases. Apart from neem, green chili/pepper is consumed to keep anger in control.