Tableaux at Republic Day Parade 2023; Selection Criteria and Winner

Tableaux at Republic Day Parade

The Republic Day parade at Kartavya Path is the most exciting day for Indians. The parade becomes more exciting and beautiful when we see tableaux from different states/UTs and ministries. We are here to talk about the tableau at the Republic Day parade and its selection process.

The Theme for Republic Day 2023

Although the theme for the Republic Day 2023 was set around ‘Jan-Bhagidari (participation of people)’ the theme of ‘Nari Shakti’ was the most noticed in the Republic Day Parade 2023. The tableaux of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and Tripura are based on the theme “Nari Shakti” and women empowerment at the Republic Day parade 2023.

23 Tableaux were displayed in the Republic Day Parade

Out of 29 States and Union Territories, only a total of 23 tableaux were displayed in the Republic Day parade. Of these, 17 tableaux were from states and union territories based on the proportionate ratio of each zone, and 6 were from ministries and departments.

Best Tableau Award on Republic Day 2023

The best Tableau Award on Republic Day 2023 goes to Uttarakhand. The Central Government gave information about the Republic Day Tableau Winner out of all the tableaux displayed on the Kartavya Path.

Jhanki of Gujarat received the Best Prize in the Popular Choice Segment and the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army received the award for the best marching contingent among the three armies.

Selection Process of Tableaux for the Republic Day Parade

The selection of the tableaux for the Republic Day parade at India Gate is done by the Ministry of Defense. Central Government provides a broad theme to the respective states and departments, and they must plan their designs accordingly, months ahead of the parade.

Based on the criteria including representation of the states/UT culture, their social and economic heritage, achievement in various fields, depiction of the various arts and crafts, national integration, and integration of the theme of the parade.

As per the Government statement, the selection of States/UTs tableaux for the Republic Day parade has been made on a zonal basis, categorizing States/UTs into six zones, namely

  1. Northern Zone
  2. Central Zone
  3. Eastern Zone
  4. Western Zone
  5. Southern Zone
  6. North Eastern Zone

Approximately 15 tableaux from States/UTs are selected for the Republic Day parade, based on the proportionate ratio of each zone.

The tableaux competition is judged by experts based on their design, presentation, concept, and overall impact. The highest score received by the judges is the winner.

Republic Day Tableau List 2023

The showcase of Tableaux on the Republic Day parade adds a total of 23 of which 17 are from States/Union Territories and 6 from various Ministries/Departments. Each tableau on the Kartavya Path depicts the nation’s rich cultural heritage, economic progress, and strong internal and external security during the Republic Day parade on January 26, 2023.

 17 Tableaux of States/UTs

S.N.Name of States/UTsS.N.Name of States/UTs
2Arunachal Pradesh12Jharkhand
4West Bengal14Andhra Pradesh
5Jammu & Kashmir15Tamil Nadu
7Dadar Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu17Kerala
10Uttar Pradesh20 

6 Tableaux from Ministry and Departments

S.N.Name of MinistryS.N.Name of Ministry
1Ministry of Culture5Ministry of Tribal Affairs
2Ministry of Home Affairs (Central Armed Police Forces)6Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare (Indian Council Agriculture Research)
3Ministry of Home Affairs (Narcotics Control Bureau)    
4Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (Central Public Works Department)    

Republic Day is a National Festival of India and Tableau on the Kartavya path during the iconic Republic Day parade showcases national integration. We can see the beauty of Indian diversity and rich culture and heritage through Tableaux during the national festival celebration.

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