Republic Day Parade 2023 | National Festival Celebration

Republic Day Parade

India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day in 2024 this year. There are many new things we are going to witness on the Republic Day parade at Kartavya Path in Delhi. What’s new on this Republic Day parade? We are going to update here.

Thousands of people gather every year at India Gate to witness the iconic Republic Day Parade. The preparation of the Republic Day parade starts almost 6 months before the actual day. Artists and armed forces who take part in the Parade reach New Delhi for Rehearsal and preparation before the Republic Day celebration. Special coverage can be seen by national and international media on 26 January for the iconic Republic Day parade in Delhi.

The iconic Republic Day parade at Kartavya Path is important in many ways. We can see the social and cultural integration at Kartavya Path on this day We can see the strength of the Indian armed forces, and achievements in various fields like technology, etc.  

Republic Day is also one of the National Festivals of India, and the celebration catches the attention of every Indian.

Activities During the Republic Day Parade

More than 20 tableau and fighter planes are seen in the sky. To make India proud. Defence power culture and tech innovation new achievements and plans are seen in front of the country and the world.

President of India

The president of India takes salutes and honours with medals the soldiers who perform during any activity that can hurt the nation. On Republic Day, held on 26th January, the President of India pays tribute to the Indian martyred soldiers at India Gate in New Delhi.

Chief Guest on Republic Day Parade 2024

To witness the event, a foreign dignitary is invited as Chief Guest every year by The Government of India. The chief guest has special importance in the Republic Day parade. This year The president of France is the Chief Guest on Republic Day Parade 2024.

Indian Armed Forces

The parade, which marches down Delhi’s central Kartavya Path avenue, features the three divisions of the armed forces (Army, Navy, and Air Force) who showcase their strength and stride. Indian armed forces display their strength during the Republic Day parade. A dramatic aero show by helicopters and other aircraft can catch the attention of everyone. We can hear the roaring of fighter jets flying in the sky leaving behind tricolour smog symbolizing our Indian National Flag in the sky.

Cultural Program at Republic Day Parade

Manch of Indian culture, arts, and artists included in the parade was a major change. From different states of India, arts, and artists display their art in the Republic Day parade. We can see traditional dance troupes from various regions of India. Different activist and cultural programs are performed at India Gate during the Republic Day celebration. Singers and artists pay their tribute to the nation by singing patriotic songs and dedicating to our martyred soldiers who contributed their lives to their country. Patriotic songs make everyone emotional by remembering our martyred soldiers.

Tableau in the Republic Day Parade

Tableau (Jhanki) is an important element of the Republic Day parade. More than 20 Tableaus from different states and ministries are being selected for the Republic Day parade at Kartavya Path. These tableaus display the culture, achievement, and development of respective states and ministries. The cultural integration, Unity in Diversity, and achievements can be easily seen through their picturesque tableau. Checkout:- Tableaux at Republic Day Parade

26 January is the day when India took the first step to establishing itself as a modern, civilized, progressive country. If you believe in any kind of discrimination, casteism, and religious fanaticism, you destroy the spirit of the day.

Due to the interest of people online ticket services are started to reserve seats to witness the grand celebration of Indian Republic Day

Indian diversity, culture, and achievement can be seen during the national festival celebration. Republic Day parade gives us more chances to explore India and its strength. Republic Day Celebration in Delhi is centred on the Parade on the Kartavlya path. Everyone wants to be part of this beautiful national festival celebration and witness the Republic Day Parade.