Dahi Handi Festival: Preparation, Significance & Celebration

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We are here with one more exciting Indian festival named as Dahi Handi Festival. Dahi Handi festival is a popular festival celebrated by the Hindu community in India. This festival is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Shri Krishna. A huge gathering of people and the performance of Gopies can be seen during the Dahi Handi festival.

Dahi-Handi Festival
Dahi-Handi Festival

Dahi Handi tradition started in Mumbai in 1907 on the occasion of Krishna JanmashtamiIt is believed that this tradition has been going on for the last 104 years in Ghansoli village near Navi Mumbai.

The Dahi Handi festival is held every year in Mayanagari and now, this festival is celebrated all over the world. Not only the country but people from abroad also come here to see the Dahi Handi festival. Some circles also give a reward of crores for breaking the handi.

Dahi handi festival originated from the act of lord Krishna during his childhood. this festival is most popular in Maharashtra. But nowadays people started celebrating this festival in various cities in India.

Dahi-Handi Festival Date

Dahi Handi Festival is celebrated on the day of Shri Krishna Janmashtami every year. thus this festival is also celebrated in the month of August. 

This festival is celebrated at various locations in India. The most popular Dahi handi festival can be seen in Mumbai and Gujarat. You can see a glimpse of this festival in the city of Lord Krishna named Mathura.

Dahi-Handi Preparation

Since it is the activity of Shrikrishna during his childhood days, the same schenes are created during the Krishna Janmashtami festival. A Matki (Cley Pot) is filled with curd, ghee, almonds, and dry fruits. The Matki is hung by ropes almost 20-30 feet above the ground. The practice of Makhan Handi is quite famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

How To Celebrate Dahi-Handi Festival?

Dahi Handi festival is celebrated on the open ground. A Makhan Matki is hung with the help of rope 20-30 feet above the ground by making a pyramid. Groups of boys gather in the ground, road, or compound and they break the earthen pot or Makhan Matki. 

Dahi-Handi Festival In Mumbai

Like Kho-Kho and Kabaddi, Dahi Handi has now been given the status of a game in Maharashtra. It will be considered a type of adventure sport.

It was announced to declare the day of the Dahi Handi festival as a public holiday. The government has also issued a government order in this regard. The special thing is that Dahi-Handi can now be played as an adventure sport not only during Gokulashtami or Janmashtami but 365 days a year.

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