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National Festivals of India, Significance & Celebration


National Festivals of India

India has several important days of historic importance and is collectively called national festivals. If we search for important festivals in the Indian Festival list, we will find Nation Festivals of India is of great importance.

National Festivals of India

National Festivals of India

If you want to know more about the National festivals of India in detail, then you are at the right place. There are some exciting moments during the National festival celebration in India. you will not miss any opportunity during the national festival celebration. We will drive here to glimpse the national festival celebration. At the end of this blog, you will definitely want to enjoy this occasion in full mood.

Indian diversity is incredible. we can easily see a glimpse of different religions. Based on different geographical locations culture and tradition are varied. they have their own festival according to their belief. but National festivals are celebrated by all communities irrespective of cast, religion, and culture. We can see social harmony during the national festival celebration.

Importance of National Festivals

Almost every nation has its own national festivals. They celebrate their national festival collectively. National festival celebrations are important in different means. National festival celebration in India is important because -

  1. National festivals bring together the whole nation to celebrate and enjoy. 
  2. It is the day when we the whole nation keep all our work aside and celebrate collectively. 
  3. National festivals remind us of the sacrifice and contribution of our freedom fighters.
  4. It is the day that gives the universal message of love and solidarity to resound from each corner of the country.

National Festivals of India Name









26 January 2022

Republic Day



15 August 2022

Independence Day



2 October 2022

Gandhi Jayanti



In India Republic Day, Independence Day, and Gandhi Jayanti are considered National Festivals of India. Indian Republic Day and Indian Independence Day are both national holidays of supreme importance. National festivals of India have a distinctive quality that sets them apart from other festivals. It steps up preparations to mark the occasion, mobilizing all of its resources at each level of administration.

Indian Independence Day

Indian Independence day is one of the most important national festivals. It is the day when we celebrate our freedom and pride. 

On the day of independence day, we can see a flag hoisting ceremony on the Red Fort located in Delhi. The Prime Minister of India hosts the flag on the red fort. A large gathering can be seen during the flag hoisting ceremony on the red fort.

Indian Independence Day National Festival

Indian Independence Day | National Festival

Cultural programs are also organized. Performers and artists including children participate to perform on the red fort. high profile, ministers, Army chief, and other dignitaries can be seen on the red fort Independence day celebration. Special arrangements are made to avoid any unwanted happenings. Know more, Checkout: Indian Independence Day 

Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day is also one of the most important national festivals. On the day of republic day we can see the celebration on India Gate. to make this occasion memorable various events and programs are organized on India gate. We can see a glimpse of the diverse Indian culture, tradition, and strength of the armed forces on Rajpath during the Republic day celebration.

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti is also celebrated as a National festival in India. Celebrated on the 2nd of October is also a day of national importance. Though it is a national holiday, the celebration is not on the same scale as Republic Day and Indian Independence Day.

Gandhi Jayanti gives us The message of Peace & Harmony. Mahatma Gandhi, who led by example, Gandhi's values and belief in Satyagraha (truth) and Ahimsa (non-violence) have stood the test of time. Know more, Checkout: Gandhi Jayanti Celebration 

National Festivals Celebration

Flag Hoisting Ceremony

Flag-hoisting tradition is carried out in state capitals, constituencies, district headquarters, and every level of administration. The government offices, government institutions, agencies, and educational institutes hold a similar ceremony with stately pomp and show. You can see our tricolor National flag at the National Festival, representing our national pride and dignity in the sky. The national anthem and national songs are played before and after the national festival celebration at various places.

Grand Celebration in New Delhi

New Delhi is the National Capital of India. Thus there is a grand celebration of the national festival every year. Whether it is Independence day, Republic day, or Gandhi Jayanti, all festivals are celebrated in a unique way. The National festival celebration in New Delhi presents a kaleidoscopic view of the country's composite culture. You can see a glimpse of India's military power. Awards and honors are given away with much fanfare. The mass media is put to efficient use.

National Festivals Celebration in Schools

National festivals are wormly celebrated in our educational institutions. A different excitement can be seen among children to celebrate this occasion in our schools and colleges. We dress in the tricolor of our national flag. The national festival celebration starts with national flag hoisting on Independence day and republic day. On Independence day various cultural programs are organized, and speeches are delivered to remember our freedom fighter's struggle. on Republic day pared ceremony is also seen in schools. During the Gandhi Jayanti celebration, a special program is organized in schools to pay homage to our Father of Nation - Mahatma Gandhi. Sweets are distributed at the end.  How can we forget Laddoo and Samosa on the day of the national festival?  We remember the sacrifice and contribution of our freedom fighters during the celebration of the national festival.

People wish each other by sending messages and cards, watching documentaries, enjoying picnics, and shopping. 

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