Different Types of Crackers | All Crackers Name list

Firecrackers’ explosive sounds and colorful displays have captured our attention for centuries. Firecrackers offer excitement and beauty to a variety of events, from festive occasions to cultural and social occasions. In this article, we go into the fascinating world of firecrackers, looking at different types that are available and their unique characteristics.

Different Types of Firecrackers

I. Classification Based on Composition & Effect

Firecrackers can be categorized based on their composition and the effects they produce. This classification highlights the auditory and visual experiences they offer.

A. Noise Firecrackers

Noise firecrackers are renowned for their loud, attention-grabbing bangs and cracks. They include:

  • Single-Bang Firecrackers: These traditional firecrackers produce a single powerful explosion, creating a sharp and distinctive sound.
  • Multiple-Bang Firecrackers: These firecrackers are designed to produce a series of consecutive bangs, creating an intensified auditory experience.
  • Salutes or Thunderclap Firecrackers: These large firecrackers deliver incredibly loud, thunder-like booms, creating a dramatic impact.

B. Visual Firecrackers

Visual firecrackers are known for their stunning visual effects, adding a vibrant display of colors to celebrations. They include:

  • Sparklers: These handheld firecrackers emit a sparkling trail of bright lights, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.
  • Color-Changing Firecrackers: These fireworks change colors as they burst, mesmerizing viewers with a dazzling kaleidoscope of hues.
  • Peony Firecrackers: Peony firecrackers burst open with spherical displays of radiant colors, resembling blooming flowers in the night sky.

II. Classification Based on Size & Intensity

Firecrackers can also be classified according to their size and intensity, which determines the magnitude of their impact.

A. Small Firecrackers

Small firecrackers are compact yet pack a punch. They include:

  • Ladyfinger Firecrackers: These slender firecrackers produce a crisp crackling sound when ignited and are popular for their affordability and portability.
  • Pop Pop Snappers: These small, paper-wrapped firecrackers create a loud snapping sound when thrown onto a hard surface, offering a playful sensory experience.

B. Medium Firecrackers

Medium-sized firecrackers strike a balance between intensity and size. Notable examples include:

  • Piccolo Pete Firecrackers: These firecrackers emit a high-pitched whistle followed by a loud bang, captivating audiences with their dual effects.
  • M-80 Firecrackers: Known for their potency, M-80 firecrackers produce an ear-splitting bang and are considered some of the loudest firecrackers available.

C. Large Firecrackers

Large firecrackers are designed for those seeking a truly explosive experience. They include:

  • Cherry Bomb Firecrackers: These sizable firecrackers deliver a powerful explosion accompanied by a deep boom, making them a favorite for enthusiasts.
  • Silver Salute Firecrackers: These mighty firecrackers produce a resounding blast, often used to create attention-grabbing sound effects in pyrotechnic displays.

III. Classification Based on Design & Packaging

Firecrackers also differ in their designs and packaging, adding visual variety to their overall appeal.

A. Firecracker Strings or Rolls

Firecracker strings or rolls consist of multiple firecrackers connected together, creating a sequential chain of explosions.

B. Firecracker Balls or Bombs

Firecracker balls or bombs are spherical firecrackers that explode with a burst of light and sound, captivating viewers with their spherical bursts.

C. Firecracker Fountains

Firecracker fountains are cylindrical devices that emit sparks and showers of colorful sparks, creating a mesmerizing and visually captivating display.

D. Firecracker Shells or Canisters

Firecracker shells or canisters are larger firecrackers that propel into the sky before bursting, releasing an array of captivating effects like stars, crackles, or colors.