Indian Teachers Day: Honoring the Nation Builder

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India Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 September every year. This day marks the birth of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan a great teacher and the second president of India. This day is an opportunity to pay tribute to teachers for their unwavering commitment to education who inspire, guide and shape the lives of countless students. This article will let you know a comprehensive detail about the Indian Teachers Day celebration. We will also know the profound impact of teachers on society.


Almost everyone has a teacher of choice, someone who goes above and beyond to encourage you because they can see your potential. Teachers’ Day is an annual occasion celebrated around the world and the date varies from country to country. From school to college and university everywhere Teaches Day is warmly celebrated and teachers are incredibly honoured. Students plan a special gift for their teachers. They deliver the speech in honour of their teachers. Different cultural programs are also held in educational institutes.

Mother: The First Teacher

Our learning starts from day first on Earth. Thus, our mother is our first teacher and then our father. By performing different roles, a mother and father teach different lessons in life. As we grow, we go to school and college. we learn different skills from our teachers. it is said that in this world 3 people become truly happy without any cost. They are our mother, father and teachers.

Significance of Teachers Day

Teachers Day provides a platform to acknowledge the different roles teachers play in shaping the future of their students. It’s a day when students and communities come together to show their gratitude for the hard work and sacrifices that educators make every day. On Teachers’ Day, students and communities express their gratitude through heartfelt messages and gestures, acknowledging the difference educators make in their lives.

Acknowledging Dedication

Teachers devote countless hours to planning lessons, grading assignments, and nurturing the growth of their students. Their commitment and unwavering dedication deserve our utmost respect.

Impact on Future Generations

Teachers hold the power to inspire, influence, and empower the future leaders of our world. Their teachings resonate far beyond the classroom, shaping the minds of tomorrow’s doctors, engineers, artists, and leaders.

Teachers’ Day as a Symbol of Inspiration

Teachers’ Day inspires aspiring teachers to enter the teaching profession, highlighting the rewarding nature of the job and its potential to make a lasting impact on society.

Recognizing Hard Work and Dedication

The celebration of Teachers’ Day reminds the world of the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices educators make to ensure their students receive a quality education.

History of Teachers Day Celebration

Teachers’ Day has a rich history that dates back to ancient civilizations. In many cultures, the contributions of teachers were celebrated through various rituals and ceremonies.

Teachers Day Quotes

The Birth of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

In India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on September 5, on the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. This tradition dates back to 1962. His dedicated work toward education made his birthday an important day in the history of India. He was a great philosopher, statesman, and the second President of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan’s humility and commitment to education inspired the nation to dedicate this day to teachers.

Story of Teachers Day Celebration and Radhakrishnan

This man, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a very friendly teacher, and he was quite popular among his students for the example he always set before them. So, one day his students and friends begged him to allow him to celebrate his birthday differently. In return, he said that if they celebrated his teacher’s birthday in honour of all the teachers, it would be his pride and honour. And since then, this day has been marked as 5th September Teachers Day.

He was a favourite teacher among the students. A group of students requested Radhakrishnan to celebrate his birthday as an honour. Then he said that his birthday should be celebrated as a good day for all teachers in the country if anyone wants to celebrate his birthday at all. Thus, to promote the values ​​and principles of a true teacher, this day is celebrated.

The Role of Teachers in Society

A Teacher shapes the future of students by imparting knowledge, values, and life skills to students. It is said that teachers are shaping the nation by nurturing their students.

Mentors and Guides

Teachers serve as mentors who guide students through their academic journey and beyond. Their influence extends beyond textbooks, helping students develop critical thinking skills and a love for learning.

Nurturers of Talent

Educators recognize and nurture the unique talents of their students. They provide a supportive environment that encourages creativity, helping students discover their strengths and passions.

The Bond Between Teachers and Students

Fostering Positive Relationships

Teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing positive relationships with their students. A caring and supportive teacher can have a lasting impact on a student’s confidence and overall development.

Shaping Character and Values

Beyond academics, a teacher also teaches essential values like empathy, integrity, and responsibility. They play a crucial role in shaping students into responsible and compassionate individuals.

Teachers Day Celebration in India

National Teacher Award

Teachers must be respected and honoured. In India, on the eve of Teachers’ Day, September 5, the National Teacher Award is given to deserving teachers by the President of India. The awards are a public tribute to commendable teachers working in primary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools. 

Gifts and Tokens of Appreciation

Many students present their teachers with gifts and tokens of appreciation as a way to show their heartfelt thanks. These gestures hold sentimental value and strengthen the teacher-student bond.

Celebration of World Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day has its roots in various cultures and traditions worldwide. World Teacher’s Day or International Teachers Day is celebrated on 5 October every year. This day has been celebrated since 1994 to commemorate the signing of 19 UN66 UNESCO / ILO recommendations on teacher status. The focus set by UNESCO was to celebrate the rain and achievements of teachers and the priorities they set for education. Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to remember the legacies of educators like Confucius, Plato, and Rabindranath Tagore, who shaped education and philosophy.

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Teachers’ Day stands as a reminder of the transformative power of education and the dedication of those who facilitate it. This is the day to express gratitude and admiration for the invaluable contributions of our teachers. Teachers are not just disseminators of knowledge; they are architects of dreams and builders of a brighter future.


When is World Teachers Day celebrated?

The World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th October every year.

When is Teachers’ Day celebrated in India?

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on September 5th, the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

What is the significance of Teachers’ Day?

Teachers’ Day holds significance as a day to honour and appreciate the dedication of teachers in shaping future generations.

How can I show gratitude to my teachers?

You can express gratitude by writing heartfelt notes, giving thoughtful gifts, or simply thanking your teachers for their efforts.

Can I celebrate Teachers’ Day outside of school?

Absolutely! Teachers’ Day celebrations can take place in various settings, including colleges, universities, and even online communities.