Indian Republic Day

Indian Republic Day: History, Significance & Celebration

January 26, 1950, the day Thursday. Every Indian knows and understands the importance of this day of 26 January. Even ahead of independence, this festival of forging our constitution. Our governance is celebrated every year. There have been many changes in the Republic Day celebrations in these 73 years. The preparation for Indian Republic Day…

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Pongal Festival Celebration

Pongal 2024: A South Indian Harvest Festival

Pongal is a South Indian Festival celebrated by Tamil Community. It is a four-day harvest festival. According to diversity in culture and belief, Pongal is celebrated with different names in different states of India.Its other names are Makara Sankranti, Utharayana and Maghi. Makara Sankranti marks the journey of the Sun called Uttarayana.  Harvest Festival of Tamil Nadu Pongal is a Harvest Festival in…

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