Raksha Bandhan: Keep These 5 Precautions During Rakhi Festival Celebration


India is known for its vibrant festivals, beautiful culture and traditions. The festival rituals and traditions are thousands of years old. However, due to the commercialisation of festivals, new trends have been seen in the society. Companies making their marketing strategy and altering the mindset of people for maximum sales during festival season. They are adding many unnecessary things to festival celebrations. Raksha Bandhan festival is also a victim of such type of mentality. We are here to clear certain mith and let you know the precautions during the Rakha Bandhan celebration.

5 Precautions During Raksha Bandhan Celebration

1. Don’t Tie Rakhi with Dry Coconut Shell

There is a tradition to tie Rakhi only when your brother’s hand is full. The brother should hold something in his hand during the rakhi tie ceremony. That’s why the sisters hold the coconut in their brother’s hand. The Brother holds the coconut, and the sister ties the rakhi. If there is no coconut, you can get Rakhi tied by keeping only money i.e. few rupees in hand, but nothing should be kept other than this. Behind the hand being full, there is a wish that Lakshmi should always remain in the brother’s hand. That is why the “Shri” fruit i.e. coconut is kept in his hand.

Some people keep bananas, sweets, or even dried coconut shells which is completely wrong. This tradition started by mistake, which should be rectified immediately.

The tradition is that when the married sisters come to their maternal home, they bring coconut for the brother and dry balls for the sister-in-law, which they put in their bags. Later, some sisters mistakenly started tying Rakhi to their brothers with this dry ball. Whereas this dry ball is only for my sister-in-law. 

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2. Brothers Should Not Take Anything from His Sisters

Brothers should not take anything from sisters. According to this belief, brothers do not keep quince with them. Only they tie rakhi by keeping them in their hands. That Shriphal belongs to the sister only.

3. Make a Silk Thread Rakhi with Your Own Hands

Sisters should try to make a silk thread Rakhi with their own hands. Silk thread is easily available in the market. Rakhi is not an object of the show, it is a symbol of dignity and power. Thus, there is no need for flamboyance and glitter in it. Rakhi in the market is only a medium to entertain the minds of children. If you want a brother, then tie a silk string only.

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4. Be Careful About Sweets

If you cannot make any sweets with your own hands, then make pudding. Bring sweets from the market only under a lot of compulsion. because it is a festival of love.

5. Don’t Weigh Rakhi with Money

Sister, tell your brother clearly to give only affection and love, don’t weigh Rakhi with money. And especially all are requested that this is our Sanatan festival, celebrate it graciously, and avoid forced appearances and expenses. 


Raksha Bandhan is the festival of love. It is the most awaited festival for siblings. To make this festival realistic we should follow our traditional beliefs and culture in their original state. Let us all together celebrate this great festival systematically.