Indian Festivals, Diversity and Celebration

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Indian Festivals

India is a country of diverse religions and cultures. Due to diversity, a large number of festivals are celebrated every year. Living in India gives us more chances to celebrate our life in the form of festivals. Here we are going to talk about Indian Festivals.

Indian Festivals

Indian Festivals

Indians celebrate their beliefs, culture, and tradition in the form of festivals. Almost every day Indians celebrate a unique festival. One day if there is a religious festival celebration, on the other day there is a national festival or harvest festival, or sun festival.


Diversity of Indian Festivals

Like Indian culture, the festivals in India are also diverse in nature. Diversity in Indian culture gives us more opportunities to enjoy the flavor of diverse Indian festivals.

The same festivals are celebrated with different cultural beliefs at different locations. South Indian festival celebrations are different from north Indian festivals. North East Indian festivals are celebrated with their own local culture and tradition than the western part of India. A person living in Gujarat celebrates the Navratri festival in a different way than a person celebrating the festival in West Bengal. This diversity of Indian culture makes our festivals more vibrant and colorful.


Festival Decoration

To mark the festival memorable, people decorate their workplace and home as per their culture and traditions.

Rangoli making during the festival celebration is an ancient tradition India follows during the festival celebration. Rangoli making during the festival celebration is a common tradition in India. How can we forget the Onam festival and Diwali at the main door when we talk about rangoli making.

Indians celebrate their festivals with nature. Plants, animals, rivers, fields, the sun, and the moon, all are part of the Indian festival celebration. Decorating with mango and banana leaves is part of Indian culture. The setting up of idols in the Puja pandal is frequently seen during Hindu festival celebrations.

Idol Making

Idol-making is a common thing during the festival season. We can see beautiful idols of gods and goddess setup in pandals during festivals in India. People perform their ritual and puja at the puja pandal during religious festival celebrations. There are some popular places for idol-making. Kumartuli is one of the famous places in West Bengal for idol making. Indians living across the world buy idols from these famous places for festival celebrations at their location.



Firecrackers is one of the most demanding festival goods during the festival season. It is used for festival celebrations and marriage ceremonies. Diwali, Christmas, and New year can not be celebrated without firecrackers. A place in Tamil Nadu, India is famous for firecracker manufacturing.

During the Raksha Bandhan festival, the market is full of rakhi. During the Diwali festival, led lights and earthen Diya are commonly seen in the market. During the Holi festival, the shops in the market are colorful with Holi colors. During traditional Indian fairs, people sell their handicraft products in the market. Therefore diversity in festivals also generates different types of employment.


Famous Indian Festivals

India celebrates a large number of festivals. Some festivals are famous that everyone celebrates. Diwali, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, Hornbill, Holi, Vaisakhi, and Pongal are famous festivals celebrated in India. Check out the list of famous Indian festivals here…


Traditional Indian Fairs & Festivals

Indian fairs are deeply attached to the Indian festival celebration. Indian fairs are organized at different locations. Fairs plan an important role to boost the local economy. Traditional Indian fairs are famous for different purposes. Some fairs as known as animal fairs while some are religious fairs. Some traditional fairs are known for their cultural importance. We can see handicrafts local products, and animals are traditional Indian dishes at these fairs. It gives the opportunity to local vendors to sell their products and hence livelihood for their families. How can we forget about the Kumbh Mela, the largest gathering of people in the world? Check out the list of Indian Traditional fairs here:- List of Traditional Indian Fair

Fairs and festival not only gives the chance to local vendors to sell their product in the market and generate good revenue. Pashu mela or animal fair,

Indian festivals promote and support the local livelihood. Some festivals do their traditional shop for festival goods. Handicraft items, jewelry, toys, local fast food, and many more. We can see the local Indian culture in traditional fairs organized at different locations.


Indian Festivals, Culture & Tradition

Festivals give us an opportunity to know our traditions and culture. Indians are deeply connected with rituals, traditions, and culture. Although Indian culture is diverse in nature, we can see social harmony everywhere.

Indian Cultural Diversity makes us more curious and explores the beauty of India.

Indian festivals create a sense of cultural unity and brotherhood. It’s a wonderful experience for the soul to see people celebrating festivals with much pomp, joy, and brotherhood.


Indian Festival Food

Thus Indian festivals are celebrated with different local rituals & traditions. This diversity drives more attention of the world towards India. This makes India more beautiful and incredible. Check out some famous Indian Festival food dishes here.


Indian Festival Dance

Indian classical dance is an essential part of festival celebrations. The festival celebration is made more beautiful when we add Indian classical dance. Talking about the Indian festival Navratri also links with Garba dance events in Gujarat as a part of the celebration of Gujarati culture.

Kathakali dance during the Onam festival celebration drives the attention of everyone. Wearing different cultural dress at festivals makes festival celebrations memorable. How can we forget the Punjabi Bhangra dance on different occasions during the festival season? Check out the list of the most popular Indian Classical Dance here…


Famous Places for Indian Festival Celebration

India is the land of beautiful festivals. There are a number of places known as the best festival celebration spots. Holi celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan, and Dev Diwali in Ayodhya and Varanasi are some of the common examples. Check out the list of some famous places known for festival celebrations in India.


Indian Festival Business

Indian festivals bring more business to India. During the festival season, there is a boom in the market. People do festival shopping. Businesses and companies get the top sales orders of the year. Thus Indian festivals bring so much business and hence more time for celebration in our life and workplace.


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