Dev Diwali 2023: Date, Story, Significance & Celebration

Dev Diwali 2023

Dev Diwali is a lesser-known yet beautiful Indian festival known as the “Festival of Lights for the Gods,”. The festival is celebrated on full moon night in Karthik month (also known as Kartik Purnima) as per the Hindu calendar. As a grand spectacle, it involves decorations and the lighting of countless lamps along the sacred riverbanks. This festival is celebrated with great warmth at the riverfront and ghats in different cities. Lakh of people including thousands of foreigners come to witness a glimpse of the Dev Diwali celebration. Dev Diwali celebration in Indian cities like Varanasi and Ayodhya is iconic. Why Dev Diwali is celebrated? In this article, we are here to explore some of the interesting facts about the Dev Diwali festival and its celebration.

Dev Diwali 2023 Date

Dev Diwali is celebrated on Kartik Purnima every year. The day comes after the 15 Day of the Diwali festival. Devotees come together on the ghat of Varanasi and lit Diya on this auspicious occasion. This year Dev Diwali will be celebrated on 27 November as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar.

Significance of Dev Diwali

Dev Diwali holds immense cultural and spiritual significance, symbolizing the triumphant return of the gods to their celestial abode. This is a festival that fosters a sense of unity and devotion among communities. The lighting of the lamps and the elaborate decorations create a vibrant ambience, fostering a spiritual connection. Devotees take part in rituals, prayers, and acts of charity, reinforcing values of compassion and righteousness.

Story Behind Dev Diwali

The Story Behind Dev Diwali is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology. According to ancient scriptures, after defeating the demon King Bali, Lord Vishnu granted him a boon to return to Earth once a year to light lamps and dispel darkness. Dev Diwali, therefore, commemorates the gods’ joyous return to witness the divine radiance illuminating the earth.

One more mythological belief is that on this day Lord Shiva killed the demon Tripurasura. In this happiness, the gods and goddesses descended on the Ganga Ghat of Kashi and lit many Diyas. That is why it is called Dev Diwali. 

Rituals and Beliefs of Dev Diwali

Dev Diwali celebrations in India are a vibrant tapestry of cultural fervour and spiritual jubilation. Devotees gather at temples, performing rituals and offering prayers in a harmonious blend of religious reverence. According to this tradition, devotees from all over the world bathe in holy rivers on Karik Purnima donate lamps and seek blessings from the deities.

One should donate a lamp on the last day of Kartik month. It is said in Agnipuran that there is no fast, neither was nor will there be more than a lamp. Scholars say that Lord Shiva has also told the importance of lamp donation to his son Kartikeya in Padma Purana

Dev Diwali Celebration

Dev Diwali is celebrated at various cities in India. The festival transforms cities and towns into dazzling spectacles of light. Elaborate decorations adorn streets and homes, and countless lamps line the riverbanks. The twinkling of Diyas on this occasion is a spectacular view on this day. The air resonates with the sounds of devotional music, and fireworks light up the night sky, adding to the festive spirit. Dev Diwali in India is a grand celebration, uniting communities in joyous festivities and shared devotion.

Dev Diwali in Varanasi

Dev Diwali holds a special importance in many cities in India but the biggest attraction is seen in Varanasi city. After the expansion of the Vishwanath Corridor in Kashi and Mahakal Lok in Ujjain is memorable. Lakh of people including thousands of foreigners come to Varanasi to witness a glimpse of the Dev Diwali celebration at Ganga Ghat.

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Dev Diwali is one of the popular festivals in Varanasi. Thus the tourism department and dev Diwali committee make special plans to organise this celebration. Stairs of Ganga ghat are being painted and boats are decorated in vibrant colours. Lakh of Diyas will be lit on all 85 ghats on the occasion of Dev Diwali every year. A laser show and fireworks show is being organised at Kashi Vishwanath Dham and Chet Singh Ghat. Moreover, Ganga Mahotsav will begin on Rajghat and Rajendra Prasad ghat together every year.

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For both devotees and tourists, Dev Diwali, the celebration that blends the sacred and the cosmic, offers an unforgettable experience. It is a celebration that mixes the festive Diwali spirit with a strong spirituality, resulting in a mood of heavenly joy. As we observe this festival, let’s keep in mind how important it is to preserve and promote cultural festivals such as Dev Diwali, which serve as a reminder of our heritage and encourage a feeling of community and dedication among all.