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10 Lines on Tree in English | 10 Lines on Tree

 Tree Essay in English | Essay in English

A different set of short essays on the tree in English is useful for Class 2, Class 4, Class 5. The short lines are well written that are easy to learn.

10 Lines on Tree in English

10 Lines on Tree in English

Set.1 0 Line Essay on Tree for Class 3rd

The tree is very important for our life. It gives us oxygen.

We get fruits, flowers, wood from trees

Birds make their nest on the tree.

Trees provide shade to people in summer.

Trees save us from air pollution, from this we get pure air

Trees are very important for our life and it is our responsibility to protect them.

In the olden times, man-made weapons used trees and hunted with their help.

Trees are a precious gift of nature, because of trees, our earth looks green and very beautiful.

Trees fight air pollution for us and give us a clean and beautiful environment. it gives us clean life

Trees provide us shade with their big branches and give other animals a place like home to live.

Set.2 10 Line Essay on Tree in English

The wood of the tree is used for building houses and it is also used for making tables, chairs, etc.

We get many types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers from trees which we use in our daily life.

Many types of medicines are made from the fruits of many trees, by consuming which humans lead a healthy life.

Trees are a very important part of our life or save us from noise pollution, air pollution, and many disasters.

Flowers obtained from trees are traditionally used for worship, auspicious work, and decoration.

Flowers are considered sacred in the country of India. Flowers obtained from trees are offered to God.

Water, air, and noise pollution are increasing due to the lack of trees, due to which human life is not safe and diseases are increasing.

Due to the lack of trees in cities, rainfall is less and air pollution is also in high quantity. To fix this, we have to stop cutting trees and plant more and more trees.

Our earth can be destroyed by cutting more trees, to save the earth from destruction, we have to make ourselves aware to plant more trees.

Trees provide us with two important components, oxygen and food, due to which humans survive.


Set.3 10 Line Essay on Tree for Class 4th

Trees are an integral part of the environment. But the needs of man are so high, due to which they have started cutting more trees in quantity.

Trees have Historically been considered sacred, especially in India, trees are worshiped and water is offered to them, they are associated with history.

Trees play a very important role for animals. There are many such animals, birds which live on trees and they spend their whole life on trees.

There are many such parts of the world where gas and electricity have not been received, due to which they still have to cook food by tree wood and use firewood to avoid cold.

Trees should not be cut and we should plant more and more trees, it gives us pure air and trees prevent soil erosion and help in preventing floods.

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