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10 Lines on Holi in English | Short Essay on Holi

 Holi is a colorful festival that spread joy and happiness. Not only in India but also in some other country, people celebrate this festival with full excitement.

10 Lines on Holi
10 Lines on Holi

The children are given assignments to write down a paragraph on the festival during festival season. If you are searching for 10 lines on Holi in English, you are in right place. Here we have a collection of 10 lines on Holi in English.


Here, the paragraphs are well written by keeping in mind the difficulty level of school children and students. It means the paragraphs are simple and easy. The 10 lines on Holi in English are useful for school going students. Therefore if you have an assignment from school to write down 10 lines on Holi in English you can get some ideas from here and write down a beautiful paragraph on Holi in English.

Set 1:- 10 Lines on Holi Festival | Short Essay on Holi

  1. Holi is the festival of colours celebrated in the month of March.
  2. The night before Holi, Holika Dahan is performed by burning large piles of woods and dry leaves.
  3. Holika Dahan signifies the defeat of evil and the victory of the good.
  4. On Holi, we meet our neighbours and friends and colour them with Gulal.
  5. People rub colors on each other face and spread love, harmony and unity.
  6. People participate in singing folk songs and play instruments like Dholak.
  7. Children play with water guns and Pichakari filled with coloured water.
  8. On Holi, people eat delicious food like Gujhiya, Chips and Halwa.
  9. One of the most popular sweets that are distributed during Holi is Gujhiya.
  10. We should play with non-toxic colours on Holi and should not throw on animals.

Set 2:-10 Easy Lines on Holi in English | Short Essay on Holi

  1. Holi is one of the most significant festivals of India mostly celebrated in the month of March every year.
  2. On Holi, people eat delicious foods like gujiya, chips, halwa and drink ‘thandai’ along with other food items.
  3. One of the most popular sweets that are distributed during Holi is ‘Gujiya.’
  4. There is a tradition of singing songs in North India as a way of celebrating Holi.
  5. According to the religious texts, the playing of the celebration of Holi was started by Radha and Krishna.
  6. A day before Holi, a ritual is performed called the ‘Holika Danan,’ it is an important ritual that everyone plays.
  7. People make a huge bonfire and perform the various ceremonies, and that is how ‘Holika Danan’ is shown.
  8. Holi also has a scientific significance, as Holika burnt a day before Holi helps to kill harmful bacteria which increases due to season change.
  9. Holi is played with water colors in the morning and dry colors like ‘gulals’ in the evening in most of the regions.
  10. Children enjoy the festival using ‘pichakari’ or water gun and throw water colors on each other.

Essay writing is one of the best ways to improve creativity in the mind of students and children. Therefore, teachers ask their students to write an essay. During festival season assignment on Indian festival essay is a common homework. Writing an Indian festival essay not only improve writing skills but also teach about Indian festivals culture and traditions.

We are helping you to write short Indian festival essay, but student are advised to write an essay on their own and without any help.

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