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Religious Festivals of India

People of India belong to different community or religions. Therefore, India celebrates large number of religious festivals every year. There are Approx. 75% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 3% Buddha, 3% Sikh, and 2% Christian. Each religion have their own festival. The beauty of india and its people is that we celebrate every festival it doesn't matter the festival belongs from which religion. Therefore lots of religious festivals are celebrated in India.


Hindu Festivals

India celebrates max no of festival belongs to Hindu community. Hindu festivals are celebrated in some other part of the world as well. But the Most Important Hindu festivals, which are widely celebrated in India are Diwali, Navratri, Dussehra and is the list of Hindu Festivals you get to know about.

List of Hindu Festivals


Muslim Festivals

Indian has 14% of its total population belong to Muslim community.  Therefore, India has lots of Muslim festival also. Some of the important Muslim festivals are Eid, Bakrid, and Muharram. Here is the List of Muslim Festivals in India


Bouddh Festivals

Indian Also Celebrates festival of Buddha community since 3% of total population is live here. We have some important festival like Buddha Purnima.


Sikh Festivals

India has 3% of its population belongs to Sikh community. So people of India also celebrate Sikh festival with full joy and excitement. Here is some important Sikh festival are Lohri, Guru Purnima etc.


Christian Festivals

Christians also cover 2% of its total population. Christians are mostly live in south India. India is also feeling honor to celebrated Christian festival with full joy and excitement. Some common festivals which are celebrated in India and world are Good Friday, Christmas day, and New Year etc.


Jain Festivals

India covers 2% of its total population from Jain community.  So we celebrate Jain festival also here are some common Jain festivals celebrated in India.


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