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Incredible India


Incredible India...! Yes it’s true. There are many reasons which prove it. If you are Indian, certainly you realize it every day. But if you are not an Indian and you have not visited ever in your life, you are really missing something adventurous in your life. It is because visiting India gives you many experiences in a single trip. If you plan to visit India I suggest you to plan for 2-3 months. Why I am saying this? Continue reading you will get to know it.

India have 29 states and every state have their own community, culture, language, costume, cuisine etc. so it's easy to say and feel that the every state gives the feel of other country Apart from this Indian gives the priority to their family friends they keep them close to their heart.

India our mother is indeed such a country which can’t be expressed in words. In every 50km variation comes in terms of language, dresses, and people. It’s kind of chaos and can’t be structured. That’s the beauty of it. It tells how to love everyone and neither look up or down. It tells how you are miniscule in this cosmos and still your ego doesn’t let you hear this. It tells one to bow down to everything because it’s the piece of creation and has magnificence in it. To describe in words is not India. To feel and experience many lifetimes is India.


Democratic Country

India is a democratic country with 130 billion populations. It is the second largest population country after china in the world. Because it is a democratic country so election are held after every 5 years and an elected government comes in to power. Freedom of speech, right to information and many more powerful laws is there to make the hand of a common citizen strong.


Guest is God

In India everyone with his family welcome guests, doesn't matter you are foreigner or belong any religion. And we are very happy to serving guest. Because Indian culture says GUEST IS GOD

Family is the most precious gift of God and friends are most precious relationship you earned. Happiness is being loved and lives in such kind of society.

 That's what you get when you travel in the North Eastern part of India... You get a picture of nature, feelings of love and care for one another and above all, co-existence of diversity like brothers imprinted on your mind when you leave.


Unity in Diversity

I think India is not a country. It is supposed to be a continent and its states are like countries because it is so much diverse country.

India has 9 major religions more than 1600 languages but only thing people are proud of is that they are Indian. From poor to rich, beggars to business man all heart beats as one Indian

For a Westerner India is incredible because of its unique unity in tremendous diversity. Here is a saying that

After every kos (approx. 2 kilometers) taste of water changes and after every three kos (approx. 6km) the dialect changes in India. (Though a bit exaggerated it shows the huge diversity) I can't understand the Legislative Assembly discussion of Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka or any of the Seven sister provinces of North East India because their languages are totally different than each other and then my Province. Yet we all are Indians deep in our hearts.


Cultural & Traditional Heritage

India is full of cultural diversity and traditions. The language, dress, food, dance living style and many more .varies when we visit one place to other.

In India, when we go even 100 km farther, we find new culture and living style. Even I haven't visited whole India, but when I visit, I get into a new world. Only thing common is "Being Indian".

You can found whole world in India. If you want to travel "China" just visits "North East" Part of India like Nagaland, Assam etc. If you wish to visit Switzerland come to Kashmir or Sikkim. Many more it’s hard to explain.


Historical Places & Architecture

India is considered to have the oldest civilization in the world. There are many historical places Especially Famous Forts in Rajasthan India, Temples in Uttar Pradesh India, Skyscraper Building in Mumbai India. Even you can't complete your U.P tour with in 1 month. Its take more than 3 month to travel all the monument and historical places.

South India –temple architecture, Rajasthan Rajputana historical palace


Many Languages

Language changes in every 50 to 100 km. India have more than 1500 spoken languages. India's every state has their native language and culture. The language changes in the next city from where I live.

India is a country everyone should visit once in lifetime...because you can see every aspect and nature variation of your life.....

Every sort of weather (winter, summer, rain etc.)...

Land (hill, desert, plains etc...)

Culture (Hindu, Muslim, Sheikh, Christian, Parsi, Buddhist etc...).

Here more festivals conducted by the state and each state culture are different.

In India travelling from one state to another, you feel like you are in whole another world. You never know which thing is going to happen.


Old Civilization

You are talking about the only continuing civilization of the world which is more than 9000 years old and still excavating for its glorious past which could be as old as 12000 years so India is definitely not just what one would think feel and absorb its way beyond that.

Indian traditions todays are not new one.... India was like that from more 6000 years.... there are so many proof in history.... human beings want to migrate to India.... India is the country who welcomes all religion.


Religious Heritage

The land of Buddha, Mahaveer, Krishna Rama is India. India is like a garden with many flowers.  All flourish and prosper together. There are approx. 75% Hindu, 14% Islamic, 3% Buddha, 3% Sikh, 2% Christian. Just visit India and keep attention on any one family and his surrounding people. You will notice that if the family is Hindu their neighbor is Muslim, they buy vegetable from Christian seller. In school their children is taught by Christian or Sikh teacher. This is the beauty of India.

Hindus love every creature on this planet and thinks 100 times before eating veg food in a mixed hotel, that’s why world’s most veggie are amongst Indians. Once you land here, you will forget all anxieties. We treat our nation as Bharat Mata (Mother).


 Diversity in Nature

Indian has Iceland type ice…Arab country type desert…Thailand type beach…and America type Megacity. Thus you can see the whole world in Akhand Bharat

Different season, Mountain, river, greenery, forest, plan land, Desert,

Jammu Kashmir, Laddakh, Spiti, Haridwar, Nainitaal, and many more are cold places for tourist.  


Vibrant Festival Celebration

India is full of vibrant festival. Almost every day we celebrate a unique festival. It may be religious festival, national festival, local festival, harvest festival, seasonal festival, cultural festival. There are some big festivals celebrated in India. If you want to enjoy the real diversity in India, just come to India during festive season.


Bollywood & Cinema

More than 800 movies produced each year. Variety of movie, Romantic, historical, biographical, inspiring, South Indian movie, Hindi movies, Bhojpuri movie, Bangla, Tamil, Telugu, Kannad, Marathi, Punjabi, and many more.



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