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Christmas in India 2022 | How Christmas is Celebrated

 Christmas in India 2022

India is home to all major religions in the world. People of India follow Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism Christianity, Jainism Buddha, and Parsi ideology, but most importantly we respect one another's religion.

christmas celebration in india
Christmas Celebration in India
Almost 2% of the total population living in India follows Christianity. Of course, Christian Festivals are also a part of Indian Culture and the celebration can be seen in India.

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December to mark the birth of the infant Christ and to convey his message of love and eternal life of the soul. The twelve days between Christmas and the Epiphany relate to the baptism of baby Jesus.

The Christmas season allows people to give wings to their imagination in whatever they do to celebrate this special time of the year.

Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Festival - The word 'Christmas' is a modern version of the old English term ‘Cristes Maesse’, which means ‘Mass of Christ’. People meet with popular greeting messages as “Merry Christmas” and pray for the well-being of mankind.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and conveys his message of love, tolerance, and brotherhood. It's a celebration of humanity and mankind.

Significance of Christmas

Christmas shares some of its customs with the harvest festivals of Ancient Rome. Attending midnight mass, gatherings and feasting, placing evergreens in the house, and singing boisterous songs are some of the customs that have endured to date.

Christmas is a time for reaching out to people in need. Thus, Christmas is about giving people hope. Gift-giving and spending time with family and friends is a way of sharing and letting joy flow.

Above all, Christmas is about personal thoughtfulness, rising up to human emotions and awareness, and making sure the heart feels a burst of joy from giving.

Christmas Preparation

Christmas preparation can be seen from the start of December month. Since it’s a major festival of Christians, so people plan for a special Christmas holiday trip or picnic with family and friends.

Churches are well decorated with lights and Christmas trees. Markets are full of decorative items for Christmas. Children are more excited compared to others and they also have a special plan. A pleasant environment without any stress and be realized in every home during Christmas.

Even as one indulges in decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, and singing Christmas carols, it is a time for giving and letting go. Beautiful music, great food, stunning decoration, soft lighting and Christmas carols herald the onset of Christmas.

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas celebration reflects a fusion of historical rites and heartfelt emotions. Christmas celebrates the idea of warmth and closeness of family relationships, friendship, and all human bonds and brings hope.

christmas celebration
Christmas Celebration
The spirit of Christmas comes alive in various group activities that include decorating, putting up lights whipping up Christmas pudding, cakes, and pies, hanging a wreath, singing Christmas poems and carols, and planning a get-together or a Christmas party.

Christmas is a time to rejoice and soak in family traditions, meet relatives and invite friends to a Christmas lunch, brunch, or dinner. Christmas meals include a lavish spread of specialty dishes along with desserts and wine.

Children love to hear stories about Rudolph the Reindeer, snowman, the star, and Saint Nicholas, who is associated with protecting children, sailors and helping the needy.

Santa Claus has fired the imagination of every child. According to belief Santa Claus comes at Christmas midnight and fulfills the wishes. Reassured in their belief, children write letters to Santa about their closest dreams.

Christmas Celebration in India

Christmas is one of the most awaited and significant festivals in India. Although the festival belongs to The Christian community, in India, the festival is celebrated by other Indians as well.

christmas gifts
Christmas Gifts
Indians don’t miss any chance to celebrate any special day and Christmas comes at the end of the year. Streets are lit with lanterns, electric lights, annual parties are held almost in every urban area. Being a holiday season, a lot of big cities and tourist destinations in India are adorned with festive decorations.

Though Christmas is primary a festival of the Christian calendar but celebrated with equal joy by non-Christians as well. This means it is celebrated as a universal festival throughout India.

In India, people decorate banana or mango trees instead of traditional pine trees. They also light small oil-burning lamps as Christmas decorations and fill their churches and homes with red flowers.

Gifts are exchanged between near and dear ones, prayers are held in the church, followed by a grand feast.

Unlike their western counterparts, Indians are not big turkey eaters; so, don’t be surprised to see a grand Christmas feast that is pure vegetarian! Although at most places turkey, chicken, lamb or fish will be served.

The majority of the Indian Christian community live in Goa. Therefore Christian festival celebration and culture can be seen in Goa. Goa remains one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in India.

Since the state has a large Christian population, its many beautiful old Portuguese-style churches overflow with people and Christmas cheer. Christmas decorations and trees adorn houses, streets, and marketplaces. Christmas carols are sung and many of the churches hold midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Beach parties also abound.


Christmas Celebration Around World

In several parts of the world, people weave these small traditions around their own setting and cultural moors. People everywhere decorate Christmas trees in their homes and put glowing lights during Christmas. School holidays last a week. Workplaces organize theme-based Christmas parties ahead of Christmas Day and give a day off on account of Christmas. Churches have special Christmas Day services and these comprise Christmas choirs, speeches, the life-like miniature Nativity scene, and greetings. Church services are also shown on TV channels.

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