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Holi Colors – Keep Your Pets and Animals Safe on This Holi.

Holi is the Festivals of Colors signify the arrival of the spring season. This festival brings so much fun and entertainment to our life. Playing with Gulaal and water balloons enrich our excitement for Holi celebrations. Our excitement can be seen when we throw colors on each other. Pets and stray animals present outside. But do you know the adverse effect of Colors on Pets and Strays? Did you ever think about Pet-Friendly Holi?

Pet-Friendly Holi, Holi effect on Pets


We can easily figure it out by seeing them run frantically during the celebration. Only a few of us are aware of the adverse effects of colors on our health and our pets and animals


Stray dogs, cats, and other pet animals are the ones who most exposed to these Gulaal and balloons. We know that we can wash our colors from our body but these animals cannot. The colors on their body remain for many days and none of us cares about them. The stain on their skin for a long time can cause many health issues.

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Holi Colors - Adverse Effects on Pets and Strays

adverse effects of holi colours
adverse effects of Holi colours

Skin Allergies and Hair Loss

Most of the dry colors used during Holi celebrations contain chemicals such as Mercury, Sulphate and metal oxides. These chemicals induce allergies and inflammations in dogs’ especially in short haired breeds. Constant itching and scratching can cause skin disease and hair loss.

Holi Colors Lead to Blindness

Stray dogs often hit to water balloon filled with water color. Since these watercolors contain chemicals, the eyes of these animals get affected every one of us knows how sensitive our eye skin is. These chemicals in the eye affect and sometimes lead to blindness.

 Holi Colors Cause Respiratory Disorders

We often use color powder or Gulaal on the day of Holi festival. At the time of Holi celebration, we throw color powder a Gulaal on each other and spread it in the surroundings during the dance. We don’t care but we inhale thee powder in our body when we breathe. You can imagine the adverse effects of these chemicals or the color on our body. It leads to respiratory discomforts and asthma. Their immune system is not like ours so a considerable amount of health problems arises in animals.

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Holi Colors - Precautions for Ensuring Pet & Stray Safe

Holi is the festival of joy and happiness. Everyone wants to celebrate Holi in their own way. It is necessary with our daily routine work to feel free and refreshes our mind. But we should also concern that no one is harmed and affected by our happy moments.  

Create Awareness in Your Area

Holi is the festival of colors but we should know all the side effects and harms from it. We should be alert that no one gets affected by our celebration. For that awareness of its harmful effects is a must for everyone.

Use Pet Shampoos to Remove Holi Colors

As the Holi celebration ends we get clean ourselves but we forget that our pets and animal friends also celebrated along with us. They can’t clean themself on their own. We should be responsible for them to clean. At the end of the day on Holi, we should clean them also with shampoo. By cleaning and bathing skins and hair of pets and animals become safe from the harmful effect of colors.

Don’t Serve Sweets and Fried Stuff

On the day of Holi festival, we celebrated Holi with colors. We exchange sweets and eat other fried dishes. Sweets and fried dishes do not favor pets and animal health. These items create serious digestive problems. We should be very alerts and not serve any sweats and fried items.

Keep Your Pet Indoors

On the day of Holi festival, a different environment can be seen in our surroundings. Everyone’s hand can be seen with colors, Gulaal, Abeer, Pichkari and Water balloons. IF you are really concerned about your pets and animals you should not allow them to move outside since anyone can drench them with colors and your pets can be affected with serious health problems.

Holi festival is celebrated because to spread joy, brotherhood with vibrant colors. Therefore always keep in mind that we don't harm any living creature because of festival celebration. We should celebrate the pet-friendly Holi.


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