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Holi – Festival of Colours Around the World

Holi – Festival of Colours Around the World

Holi in World

Holi - The Festival of Color is going to be celebrated on March 29 2021. We are eagerly waiting for this special festival. We are excited to spread colors everywhere and spread lots of joy and happiness.


Holi is the festival of joy and happiness. Across the world wherever there is Indians, Holi is celebrated. People play with colors, light a bonfire called Holika and celebrated the victory of good over evil.


The essence of festivals is to take a break from your daily routine works and make life interesting. The other reasons of festivals are to bring people together and spread a feeling of brotherhood and harmony all around.


Nobody can realize the importance of celebrating festivals than Indians abroad. They are away from India but festivals celebration bring them to their own country and their cultural roots attachment can be realize easily. At that time they are more excited to celebrate festivals than people in India. Celebrating festivals away from India or Holi celebration in World is what binds the people of India origin together to their home country.


Just like in India people settled in other part of the world meet their closed one and relatives and exchange sweets and greetings. Holi festival is celebrated with colors and Gulal.

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As we know Holi festival is one of the Major and Popular Hindu Festival celebrated across India as well as World, It is also welcomed by people who do not belong to India. They know the Concept of Holi festival. They know the importance of Holi festival. They also want to join their hands to spread brotherhood. They also want to spread joy and happiness with friends and colleagues. They also want to exchange sweets and greetings with others

Indians can be seen across the world. You can say in every corner of the world. Holi celebration in world can be seen very easily. Of course there would be culture and other memory along with. Festival celebration is also the part of like the have a break from your daily work. Holi is celebrated in different country such as America, Britain, Japan, Russia, Canada and neighboring countries of India.  

Holi in World - Australia

Holi is one of the days in a year that has the power to leave behind memory to rejoice and fill color in your life. The countdown has begun and everyone whether from India or from abroad are waiting for this colorful day. Not only people in India enjoy this festival of colors but the Indians residing in different parts of the world equally take pleasure in celebrating this festival of such country where the people of India are present in large numbers is Australia.


Everyone knows that the festival of color–Holi is celebrated throughout the world by Hindu Community as welcome gesture to relaxing season of spring.


The celebration kicks off on the full moon of the Phalgun Purnima when the bonfire is lighted. On the following day spectrum of colors can be seen on the street and everywhere.


Holi is not only the festival of colors but also the day to organize get together and sharing the cultural value of fellow Indians he Hindu religion believes that this is the festival when one can wash off all their sins and start a fresh altogether novel way of thinking. The festival gives us opportunity to clean up the souls and preparing us to face courageously all the hurdles in our life with an optimistic frame of mind.


The enthusiasm and excitement can be seen and feel on the streets of Australia visually by looking at the painting f rainbow colors.


Several events and plays are organized all over Australia where people play with non-toxic colors. Most of the people dress themself in traditional clothes and attend the party and events.


The festival in Australia is an opportunity for the people of Australia to deepen their understanding with Indian people and Hindu religion.


Holi is the festival when people can exchange their warm wishes to each other and bring their loved ones all together with the spirit of friendship and kindness.

Holi in World - Bangladesh

Bengal region has a multifaceted culture due to influence of Buddhist Hindu and Muslim cultures just like in India. It is also the neighboring country of India. Since Bangladesh is a Muslim dominating country, Hindus also celebrate their festival with their own way.


Hindu community gathers in temples and exchanges their greetings with each other and play with colors.


Since Bangladesh is a neighboring country of India so the Indian culture has influenced a lot. The border is shared in the south-east with Myanmar and fronts onto the Bay of Bengal. 

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